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  2. "Government will ruin your life," exclaims man who got where he is due to government action.
  3. I’m sorry, I’m fully following your line of thinking and agreeing with the points you are making . I was sure you also felt same about it not being a right or wrong thing, I was just pointing that out to others so they would understand my perspective better.
  4. You misunderstand. Nothing has changed in terms of us still having a SB roster
  5. No one is scared of ****. It's risk/reward. OTAs are more risk than reward. Period. That bolded part. Man. You just keep digging. Also, lose Julio and watch how that impacts our run game. I pray we don't have to come to that, but you are in for a rude awakening if you actually believe this trash you are typing. And you really referenced the 2010 Packers game? lmao dude it was 35-7 at half. Another L for you...nice.
  6. I agree 100 %.. And that is why Blank brought back the Coach that can get us where we want to go.
  7. You'd know how much that costs. Colleges were almost entirely subsidized by state and federal programs when you were our age all those centuries ago.
  8. I didn't say you know nothing. I don't really know you. The person you display yourself to be on here though is very dumb, dishonest and shallow. And no matter how often you say you are always right and make people look foolish, everyone that reads this board regularly knows better. You've had a ton of completely wrong statements and predictions that you ignore or flat out pretend you didn't actually say.
  9. I watched the Old Timer QB competition on the other night. The distance competition was won by Favre, and Cordell Stewart, then Harbaugh, Steve Young had he weakest arm. The shortest throw was in the 50s , average throw was in the 60s, and longest was 73.4 to the best of my memory. I think our "Noodle Arm" QB would stand up pretty well to those averages except to Farve and Stewart. Ryan is certainly not a noodle arm and that phrase needs to be trashed forever. Ryan can make every throw neccessary for a great NFL QB, which he is.
  10. No defense is perfect. Even the best defenses have their bad days. The past few years have shown great examples of the best defenses in the league getting ran and passed on by some of the worst offenses in the league. The biggest problem is each defense and offense is separated in the rankings by very small numbers but you always have 1 or 2 that are light years ahead of the rest. The best offenses are led by high quality QB's. The worst offenses are led by lower tiered QB's. If Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, etc all got hurt today, their teams would suffer greatly because they will struggle to put points on the board. Even with the WR talent the Falcons have they would not be as near successful if Matt Schaub had to play a full season. **** he probably wouldn't even last a full season. Also teams with bad QB's usually have decent run games. but that alone wont win a championship unless the defense simply allows nothing at all
  11. I probably would have drafted Williams and traded for Rosen. Not impressed with any of these QB’s
  12. I believe the OL fix is going to be an enormous, epic boost to this teams ability to put opponents away, even the very best of them. Being able to give Ryan a real pocket to drop back into in critical game situations, and giving him an OL that can play smash-mouth football in running game is going to show up the most against divisional teams and even more importantly against the better playoff teams. If we had this OL we would have beaten the Eagles in 2017 playoffs. And the false assumption is our defense will be no better than last year bwcuase we didn’t do anything to fix it. This is also nonsense on many levels. Just because we didn’t sign a 480lb DT or use our top pick in draft on a DT, doesn’t mean the defense will be no better in 2019. It’s going to be much better.
  13. IMO,, it wont be Carolina or TB that will get in our way.. N.O. yes.. But we can beat them this year with our huge upgrade on the OL.. but if we can get around N.O. ,, NO one will be able to stop us get back the the SB.
  14. A guy who got his news from commieblasters is calling people stupid. I love the internet.
  15. lmao touche sir
  16. I believe we are, yes. Talent hasn't been our issue. Health (last year) and coaching has been our issue. If we can stay healthy, and DQ can fix this defense like has been the promise all along, and not stick his head directly into his butt during critical situations, I like our chances as much as anyone else.
  17. They haven't been won in any other month either. Maybe the Falcons should try May.
  18. You think college is expensive now? Wait until it's "free" then you'll see..
  19. The roof of the problem with yall is that yall are scared Julio gets hurt. This Is football it happens, he makes the offense better but he I'd not the whole offense. It's just next man up, u dont need those Julio Jones plays to make that offense the best. This team is so much better when it's a runteam. 2016, we got that far cuz of our ground game. I'm sure you have seen what happens when we try to air it out consistently. They lost to GB in the 2010 playoff game, a game in which they were leading and thought they needed to start passing more.
  20. Wtf? This is maddening.
  21. "The only way you'll have any success in life is if you go to college and get a degree!" I'm crippled by debt because I went to college and got a degree. "Stupid young people. Why did you think you had to go to college?"
  22. Serious question, was it worth it to you? I mean did that degree get you your dream job that will pay back those high student loans lickity split? Or did you get an ordinary run of the mill degree/job that you could have gotten at a state school for far less money?
  23. Great analysis I think we have a great opportunity but certain teams stand in our way (NO and Car come to mind) if we go at least 4-2 in the division and split the AFC we have a really great shot.
  24. I never said anything about being right or wrong. That's never my approach. You're giving me feedback to my opinion and i'm giving you feedback to yours
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