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  2. Julio still got 93 yards. That's not considered containing any WR in a head to head matchup. I get Julio is Julio, but that's quite good for any WR against a CB who people claim is the best in football.
  3. He didn’t have a single PD yesterday
  4. Interim HC too. too bad he went to Dallas.
  5. Sorry but I respectfully disagree , Who doesnt though ?? Every elite cb needs a pass rush but that doesn't mean they cant get it done themselves. He's very physical, julio seemed bothered by him at some points. He swatted at him and pushed him away
  6. It was actually split about 50/50 on people saying who won. But the fact that even 50% of people believe Ramsey won the matchup is hilariously false.
  7. He caught 2 passes in the second half.
  8. I want an outrageous defense
  9. This game is a complete repeat of the Philly Disaster in Big D last night.
  10. Having to watch MSNBC and giant blood filled balls? You aren't living your best life.
  11. I said the exact same thing as you earlier. He wasn’t sick either! He wasn’t happy with the Jags and instead of playing through your contract you act like a baby and get what you want!!! No way Rams make it that far.
  12. Well bros, ate too much today and jiu jitsu felt like crap. I wanted to throw up in the middle of rolling.
  13. Hoop's not a star, but you have to keep him or Sanu. Makes sense to keep the younger guy at the harder position to find. It's confusing what we need from an offseason because everything has looked so bad. I truly do think coaches who competently scheme will make a big difference. A big question mark is the OL. If it's settled once Lindstrom comes back, we can do things. If we still have problems there, it's a real problem. On defense we're going to need a legit DE, corner, safety and probably LB and DT. That's a lot of holes to fill, too many with no salary cap room. So they're going to have to hit on 3 draft picks that can play year 1 (say DE, corner, Safety...which is a big ask) and try to work around the other deficiencies. What a weird predicament.
  14. I do believe Brown saves us the most money between the 2. From there, I would say keep Bailey & Mack. Let the rest walk I guess. See if Neal would take less for an extension. If not, I think we just move on. Definitely restructure Jack.
  15. None, zip, nada, etc......
  16. Here is my answer to you on where the contract goes: ”Whose next?” Until Julio’s contract re-do got done he was the FOURTEENTH highest paid WR since he signed his original deal in 2016. Contracts are escalating quickly. Kirk Cousins was the highest paid QB for a minute as well over Hall of Famers. Your dreaming if you believe Hoop and agent take a $6mm/yr deal. The contract for whoever signs him will be regrettable.
  17. Lmfao He didn’t know what the word “commentary” meant.
  18. I wouldn’t mind Clay Helton coming to Athens to be OC if he is let go from USC this year. If memory serves, it was very heavily rumored that he was Kirby’s first choice for OC and the only reason it didn’t happen was because he got offered the full on head coaching position.
  19. That’s right. He is overrated. Just like yesterday his pass rush has you guys thinking he contained Julio. He can’t cover elites. He gets bailed by bad throws often and he has help from the safety more than he’s credited to get. His best trait is his physical play
  20. I dont think Julio caught a pass in the 2nd half
  21. The only reason he had any success against Julio and Ryan is the same reason Xavier Rhodes has had success and the reason Josh Norman had success in Carolina. Pass rush. That's it.
  22. Unless Ramsey caused that fumble on Julio, I fail to see it being any relevance to the thread called "Ramsey on Julio".
  23. Not Quinn, Bryan Cox. Develops Grady & Beasleys best year. What does Quinn do? Fire him.
  24. The Atlanta Falcon Franchise entered the NFL as the major football franchise in the Deep South in 1966! As a expansion team it was expected they would take a while to field a competitive team and they did! But by the early 70s they had a good team and was known League wide as a upset artist! They gained their first winning season in 1973 finishing 9-5! By the late 70s and early 80s they had assembled a team that many thought could win a Super Bowl! They did win the division for the first time in 1980 finishing 12-4! But was dogged by the inability to have back to back winning seasons they skipped a year and returned to the playoffs in 1982? After that a 9 year dought occurred known for rampant coaching changes and very poor drafting! They didn’t see the playoffs again until 1991! Fast forward to today! The Falcon fan base today is spoiled and they are confused not understanding the history of this team? Many say we went to the Super Bowl in 2017?? But that is fast becoming a faded memory as all we take from it is the historical collapse, not the events and great play that put the team in the game! This franchise has endured long droughts before and it appears to be on the verge of another one that may become the deepest, darkest, longest drought in team history? Looking at the whole bleak picture and the Salary Cap situation? Short of a total purge! The Atlanta Falcons may not field another playoff team until 2025 or later!!!
  25. Let's just pray the new GM is a phuckin genius and knows how to fix this dumpster fire of a team and dumpster fire of cap room
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