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  2. Ohio State by at least two scores...
  3. I dunno man, it seems as if his defensive philosophy is pretty much based on 'I hope this works'.....
  4. Right. I mean, to me if the offense hangs 50 on someone and we win 50-44, that's regression (from the last game, I guess it's improvement over that steaming road apple they dropped in Houston though).
  5. He believes Putin and Kim Jon Uns' bull$hit all the time. And WFW believes Trumps' just as bad even though Tumps lies now total over 13,000. How do you figure that thought process?
  6. I have not had that kind. I did try some horseradish sauce with the beef tenderloin one of the other husband's on our trip to Helen cooked Friday night, it was tasty. "Because they're democrats, Avi."
  7. Debo, Sheffield and Kazee, man. Just out there like Lewis and Clark, exploring uninhabited lands.
  8. Only explanation if Blank keeps DQ no matter the results this year, amirite?
  9. It’s ok. At least you didn’t say real fans must attend games and stay seated all game
  10. A "no show" rate of less than 50% for the Benz...
  11. Quinn appointed himself defensive coordinator because he knew that regardless of who the coordinator was, this was his last rodeo with Arthur Blank. He decided if he was going down, he was gonna be the one to determine that, not another coordinator...
  12. Only thing I am rooting for this season is to not take the crown as the worst defense ever from New Orleans
  13. It'd be more accurate to say that it's constantly suggesting he wouldn't understand the concept of winning in politics well enough to pursue that as an end unto itself, while sometimes having individuals who allow themselves to acknowledge that his whole public persona is built around always winning for a reason that is not because he's always winning. And it seems like a new observation every time it's made, but he campaigned on fighting and winning. He was also a known conman and a world-famous conspiracy theorist who actually wielded a conspiracy against the POTUS before him. It was all part of the package the whole time, but we're supposed to be too overcome by the latest thing in the news to keep in mind what he really is. Then we spent so much time calling him stupid that acknowledging his true nature actually challenges some cherished preconceptions about his intellectual inferiority to the left in a way that makes it seem like a groundbreaking observation to say that, actually, he floods the media with ******** and horror as a strategy to turn people against the media. They always have to start with the idea that he's too stupid to pull off whatever he had in mind, and work their way up to "that was meant to distract or manipulate us."
  14. At this point it is just background noise and comedy. Yesterday I laughed out loud when I saw HALF the field open on a pass Arizona made, I'm like WTF how does half the field open up for the opposing team?
  15. Are we covert tanking? Stealth tanking? What's the right term? At the very least, have the d@mn balls to publicly tank!
  16. Talking about this game vs this quaterback. Its not a one size fits all thing, you cannot just suddenly start calling plays out of your gameplan or just abandon the research you did because they convert a play. Moving mobile quarter backs off the spot with inside pressure does not really serve a purpose other than putting them on the run which they are comfortable with.
  17. Define “improvement”, because that vagueness doesn’t sound like a mandate for wins. Holding teams under 500 yard a game, keeping the Rams under 40?
  18. Well what is considered improvement? Hey, we only lost to Arizona by one point!!!! We improved after getting blown out by the Texans!!!
  19. He's been better in the 3-4/5-2 at setting the edge but he was replaced just last year and put on a pitch count for failing in Base 4-3... Also:
  20. Yeah, it's been hard watching our Birds this year for me too!!! But as a life-long fan, I can't help but watch....good OR bad. I come close to turning it off yesterday, though, when we were down by 17. Glad I didn't, now. Those three defensive stands were epic!!! Goes to show you what we're really capable of....even if, it was the lowly Cards ---
  21. "**** our allies that helped defeat ISIS!"
  22. Outside of taking over Jimmie Johnson's roster to win the Cowboys last SB, Barry Switzer did not have much success in the NFL. Tom Landry never coached in college. He retired as a player for the Giants and became their DC before becoming Cowboys HC. Pete Carroll was a former 2 time NFL HC before becoming HC at USC.
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