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  2. So you a undercover racist or something?
  3. Lindstorm or Cominsky this year?
  4. I think we could win a title with players off that list. We know they’d be good ppl. So he got just 1 sack in 2 games? I thought it was 2. Regardless, Jack doesn’t rely on Grady for his production. They compliment each other. It’s not Crawford riding Garrett’s cape
  5. ****.. Swanson is barreling so many..
  6. The moves analysis fell seriously short. I hate when we get ESPN announcers...
  7. I’ll take it..
  8. Come on Acuna.. snap out of it
  9. We usually pick that ONE GUY that I don’t want.
  10. You sound a little mad to me . Go sit in a corner sis
  11. This happens every offseason maybe more this time than others. It does get tiresome seeing it over and over. Wasnt happy draft day but im excited now. Front office has been decent since quinn has been here.
  12. I don’t think I asked if you was black or not
  13. What are the chances your team picks exactly who you want anyways? Unless you are picking top 3 or something
  14. No joke.. just proves every team is capable of having a tough series
  15. Yeah, it's about time they beat them!
  16. Only thing I want right now is for the O-line and the offense as a whole to be better. Passing and rushing needs to be great. The D-line is what it is, and we didn't draft a lot in that area, but I hope Quinn can put us back into the top 10 like in 2017 .
  17. yes sir
  18. Need Acuna to heat back up... He can sure carry a team.
  19. HBP and BB. That's so Julio.
  20. One of the little things that Riley has to learn but he'll get it...
  21. Brew crew smacked the filthys today.. let’s get that game back
  22. get this out julio
  23. Ok guys, back to baseball...
  24. I like him, he’s good. It makes me even happier we got Lindstrom. It doesn’t really change much with McCoy being very good himself.
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