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  2. Laying down my life for a celebrity of Comedy Central Roasts quality ftw
  3. For the life of me I can't fathom how this defense can suddenly transform itself into an impenetrable wall after being a turn-style for the past seven games. SeaHawgs 37-17. (But Quinn STILL doesn't get fired).
  4. I'm not sure anyone has said Vic is our only problem, I dont think anyone seriously believes we only have a few problems. I'm not sure how you think the FO is hiding behind Beasley when they are trying to trade him. If hes gone and the team plays the same, which it will obviously, how is that hiding behind him? I dont think I'm understanding you
  5. I tend to agree regarding Williams. I've mentioned Gunner Stockton, but he is even a year behind Williams so he won't be a freshman in college until 2022. We really have no choice but to make Williams our most important priority. Mathis and Beck could both be very good QBs and I don't want to overlook that. Offenses tend to be limited with freshman and even sophomore QBs. I'd even argue that as good as Ohio State has looked offensively, they're only going to be better next year with Fields having experience and the coaches trusting him with more responsibility on the field. Stuff that only comes with time in a system. Hopefully Fromm does come back. I really don't know what to expect from the offense if the competition for starter is between Stetson Bennett, Dwan Mathis and Carson Beck. Two of the three won't have a single collegiate snap between them and Bennett is a former walk-on.
  6. Of all the things you could take up arms and possibly die for, imagine that thing being Donald Trump. Me, personally:
  7. But Trump is dumb...gotcha
  8. Nah, everyone knows our defense is complete garbage. We’re contending for worst defense in history right now.
  9. This is the one that will confound us all. Somehow it will end 26 - 24 Falcons. Tankers all over the South will become despondent, and jump out their windows. But that's not such a big deal because most of them live on the ground floor, and they will only hurt their ankles, or in some cases, feet.
  10. If not Beasley they would have flushed the money somewhere else
  11. Quinn will come up with the perfect scheme to ensure Russel Wilson doesn't get sacked.
  12. OK we all know Beasley has a wealth of faults and has not played well. A good guy who is being crucified. But who gave Beasley 13 mil when we could have used it somewhere else? Who passed up a third round draft pick for Beasley? Who said that this summer "Beasley might not like him? Who keeps playing him instead of Cominsky and cut Larkin, Odum and Hage, they couldn't have done worst. Who cut Beasley's best mentor- Feeney thinking they could do it themselves? Who hires coaches and try to force them to be Shanny? Who is too stubborn to even try to use a big back? Why is D. Jones just looking like an average LB when he was looking like an All Star. Who is not making the right moves to improve our team? Why do the underperforming players continue to play? Are our interior line coaches, coaching players up? Why is all our money spent and we get these results? Why haven't a backup and successor to Mack been drafted? Why if we have all this so-called firepower we aren't using it properly? Who is responsible for these drafts? And the list goes on. No Sir Vic is not our only problem and the F O seems to be letting him take the big hit while they hide their glaring faults and Deficiencies.
  13. Gotta be south of Central Va (where the real accents in Virgina begin), we don't have those accents in Northern Va.
  14. Ideally the medical staff is directed to not clear him until 2020. I honestly see no reason for him or Julio or Grady or Debo to play again this year once we get to nine losses
  15. Was Roddy, and he shouted us out in a video, until Troff and the me too feminazis shut it down for pr reasons .
  16. They're not supposed to be in there. Usually, there is a lock box outside the SCIF and you have to sign in to that area, and you can retrieve your electronics on the way out. All devices will be confiscated if found on your person. I've been in many SCIFs in my yesteryear.
  17. Matty Ice should just sit the rest of the year to basically guarantee us a top 4 pick. Just kidding. Kinda.
  18. Except in Atlanta in 2019
  19. Never been on it because I knew better. Yep, ahead of the curve as usual.
  20. God you're foolish. If I had a dollar for every Trump was going down in your opinion I'd be a (wait, I already am) but you know what I mean. You even have yourself convinced Trump has confessed to these alleged crimes. You need help my friend, you really do.
  21. This is why I like him. . . as you stated: Accuracy is the most important skill a QB can have.
  22. Lol. Me too. We’re not true fans blah blah blah.
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