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  2. I also wanted Shelton. You don’t view Davison as a true nose?
  3. in a Fantasy World , where all your dreams come true
  4. There simply was too many growing pains to 1-5 and we can’t even be certain of a turn around. What is the point? If he isn’t fired tomorrow: We would need to absolute destroy the Rams and Seahawks in consecutive weeks to salvage this season/his job. Then I ask, is it worth it to settle for these coaches?
  5. It's just too bad we don't play Miami and Cincy for the top draft pick knowing our exceptional record versus the AFC over the past 4 years.
  6. I normally think blaming the refs is a copout. But those calls probably cost us the game. Horrible.
  7. Yep, officiating really just gave them extra plays for the defence to screw up on. Scrap the replays unless common sense can be used.
  8. Seems like it. I've been a fan since the first game they ever played and still no championship. This gets old, heck it's been old.
  9. The officiating has been pretty bad across the board for many years now. That’s not an excuse. Get some pressure on the **** QB and stop playing scared. Our offense might of been inconsistent at times, but at the end of the day they performed just fine. This defense is laughable at best, and even more laughable when DQ unfolds his playcall sheet only to fold it back up and call the same defense over and over expecting different results.
  10. Please shut up
  11. None of the points that Ryan put up today we're garbage stats.
  12. Lmao imagine being as optimistic as OP in every day life?
  13. Depends on whether we want to go 4-3 or 3-4. I'd go 3-4. We'd need a true nose. Man I wanted Shelton this offseason. He's ballin on a $1.0M cap hit. Can play 4-3 or 3-4. 26 years old. Troffed. Need at least one backer if we go 3-4. Regardless of what we run, we need DBs in the worst way. Unless we purge, the cap won't allow for many FAs that can fill year one holes, so to answer your question, two, maybe three years.
  14. Normally I think blaming the officials is a copout. But those calls were egregious today. And definitely swayed the game.
  15. Quinn was meant to fix the defense this year. It has gotten worse, much worse. Bring in an offensive minded HC and that will bring stability for the rest of Ryan's career.
  16. huh ?? wait start over
  17. he is talking nonsense , you basically have to run the table with the nfc south. Win all games and win at least 2 games between Seahawks, Rams, Jags, 49ers. I cant see that happening. Tbh , its not because im not a fan. Im just a realist.
  18. But, but, what if we go undefeated the rest of the season and end up 11-5?
  19. I added on to my post but not quick enough Blank doesn't want a GM making the detailed football decisions. He wants a Seattle and NE type situation where a high powered coach makes those decisions. When Quinn was hired, Blank stated that 8 to 10 teams do it this way and they tend to be successful.
  20. We did not play well defensively, with that said the NFL should hang its head in regards to how that game was officiated.
  21. He has shown himself to be ineffective in 2019 with this Falcons team, and there is no way around that, and I believe will lead to his dismissal. I'm a fan of the Falcons, and I want Quinn to succeed because he is our coach, that's the extent of it. I'm not defending the 2019 version of his defense, it has been terrible, but to dismiss what he has done as a DC and Head Coach prior to 2019 is intellectually dishonest.
  22. This is the story of Dirk and Mularkey's time in Atlanta. We drag around the whole game and then finally start going up tempo.. then we come back....
  23. And that didn't work out to well so who knows if Blank lets Dimi do it this time or not to try and build something more cohesive from a guy of his choice.
  24. Since we're being positive... The offense is actually starting to come together. 30+ points in each of the past two weeks. Ryan has overcome a miserable start to the season and has been putting up MVP numbers. The defense needs to hit the reset button. We need to change up the secondary and the DL in a big way. I say move Rico to SS, and Kazee to FS. Get Sheffield on the field. Go back to running a 4-3 with Beasley out of the picture. (Beasley is DONE... For some ungodly reason, we've tried building the defense around him, and that's like complete incompetence. Beasley might be able to save his career somewhere else. We should look into trading him.
  25. Nah, Marty has always been known as good but never good enough to get over the hump. He and Dan Reeves are the most unluckiest HCs in football history. Andy Reid is Marty Jr.
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