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  2. Yeah I'm not a fan of this I was hoping we would go defense but at the same time people have been *****ing about the Falcons not trying to fix the offensive and defensive lines... they have spent considerable amount of money and now a draft slot on trying to fix the offensive line.
  3. Also not the best player at 14.
  4. “On and on the projections go for offensive linemen in this week’s NFL Draft. There is no debate about Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom. He is a guard. Period. Lindstrom is expected to be the top “true” guard selected, maybe late in the first round or early in the second. He said at the NFL Combine he had been in contact with the Broncos.”
  5. We need a OT and the best OT in the draft was still on the board and we go OG which we signdd 3 of this offseason!!! Great plansmh!
  6. Sucks
  7. Last time we made a unanimous second rounder a first round pick it worked out well.
  8. He will be a stud guard in the NFL.
  9. He is not. HUGE reach. Cody Ford is way better, and this guy was going to be available at the end of the first. Big time disappointment
  10. Yeah this feels like a boring pick that just ya know....solidified our line
  11. I’m thinking we go tytus Howard in the 2nd now
  12. Taylor was on the board, for crying out loud. I am all on board for an OL, but Lindstrom? Man, I hope he becomes an All Pro at OG, but I think we could have done better.
  13. Not trading up for Oliver or Wilkins was a signal to trade back. Or pick Dillard, the best pass blocking OL in the draft. Not this. Not this.
  14. A projected second round pick
  15. Why didn't the Falcons trade down and get their guy? This is just dumb! Oh well. Typical Falcons always reaching and overdrafting guys!
  16. Of course everyone is going to complain about the pick. I love the pick. Big nasty guard. our oline was crap outside matthews and mack.
  17. he's not peter knoz but a little shock about the pick because of the FA moves.
  18. Some teams have all the luck Some teams have all the pain
  19. Couldn’t trade down for an extra 2nd just to get him?
  20. Even if you really want Lindstrom, you could get him in the 30's or even the 2nd round. Draft back to someone who wants Haskins and get some additional picks!
  21. But you said trade back which I think would've been good. Not stay at #14 We bought high IMHO.
  22. Did people forget that Matt was getting the line pushed in his face all season? I loved the idea of building defense but a staple next to mack in the middle will buy more time to actually make plays. We all want a flashy pick, but we all know we needed help on both sides of the line. The best guard in the draft is not a bust.
  23. To be fair, Dimitroff would have probably picked this guy in the top 10.
  24. One of Brown, Carpenter and Lindstrom has to start at RT... Right?
  25. Yeah, we just made a Guard with a unanimous 2nd round grade among draft experts a top 15 pick lol
  26. Lindstrom can play Tackle too.
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