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  2. I want to say Wilkins, but Lawrence has a nasty bull rush. I say either or man. Throw a dart and take one.
  3. It's probably the same turf that the Arizona Diamondbacks put in their stadium this year. The new turf is made with something different instead of old rubber tires and shoes. I can't remember what it is but I heard Chip Caray talking about it a couple days ago on the Braves game. It's supposed to be more forgiving than the rubber pellets were. So if it's the same then we won't be seeing anymore of the rubber pellets flying up.
  4. Are ball boys considered nfl execs this time of year? I find these quotes entertaining but they really are useless. Are they legit quotes from nfl execs? If they are legit quotes, are they honest reports or do they serve a different purpose?
  5. Have meant to ask the last month or so...I know you like the Clemson DTs. Which do you think will end up being a better pass rusher between the two? I know dex can anchor better, but curious your perspective On other aspects, on which one will end up affecting the pass game more
  6. Your Grand Ol' Party, ladies and gentlemen.
  7. Reeves drafted T. J. Duckett to replace Anderson. He did ok for a while...
  8. Nope. Falcons didn't draft a RB in 2000 or 2001. Dan Reeves had absolutely no forth throught when it came to building the roster.
  9. Kynan Forney? He ended up being a pretty good starting OG for the Falcons for a few seasons. Pretty good for a 7th round pick.
  10. Good Mock I would like it but I doubt if McCoy will go that late.
  11. He didn’t get it done now did he ? So those 3 tds means nothing to me. Oh I know..if he gets us over the hump I’m not complaining but as of right I’m still gonna be skeptical of him ..he’s good enough to beat up on the teams we’re suppose to beat but that’s not enough.
  12. Yeah, I live outside of Ga. That’s the main thing I hear about
  13. Yeah but did we even draft one that year? I remember crumpler, and roberta Garza, dont recall the rest
  14. They showed a clip of Shaq in the studio running the football against the TNT studio television crew. They stopped him short of a touchdown. He then ran the ball a second time against what he called " the Falcons " and plowed thru them for a touchdown...
  15. Jamal Anderson blew out his knee the first time in 1999. He came back in 2000 but he wasn't the same guy he was before getting hurt. He was only an average running back after the injury. He only averaged 3.6 yards per carry in 2000 because his explosiveness was completely gone. He was also going into his age 29 season and nearly 1300 NFL carries on his body. Drafting a replacement running back in the 2001 draft would have been forward thinking.
  16. Poor Dan Reeves He is the only head coach that I would say that can rival the unluckiness of Marty Schottenheimer.
  17. I heart this draft
  18. Hopefully, the Democrats will benefit from the support and financing of countries who are being negatively impacted by Trump's policies. Pretty sure China, Mexico and Canada would be more than willing to contribute financially and otherwise to an all out brawl. The Dem candidate can't promise favorable treatment upon taking office but he/she can indicate a fondness for a policy that brings us "closer" to those countries. That isn't technically evidence of a conspiracy.
  19. Think they’ll take both a rb and wr after the 4th
  20. Yes please
  21. Jamal Anderson was still our running back and he got injured week 2 or 3 the year we drafted Vick.
  22. Although it probably says alot about us Americans that Arya disembowels people and it's like "**** yeah go Arya" but she shows a little cheek and its "ooo scandalous"
  23. And thanks to the 109 of you who have been participating thus far.
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