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  2. Based on your negative ‘tude toward Julio, me thinks TD’s not the one acting like he got bent over.
  3. Good perspective. I get a feeling that people are putting to much emphasis on Shanahans further influence. A simplifying direction might not be a bad way to go. Imo you need to have a solid foundation to be able to build upon it. This might be it.
  4. lol oh that makes sense. What's his TATF username?
  5. He's a mental midget with delusions of sports media grandeur.
  6. Tired of talking about Trump. Let me liven this place up............
  7. So he can’t bend TD over for 4 more days?
  8. Michael Turner was a featured back and he saw a rapid decline. If you want to avoid that decline you go by commitee. RBBC is more a touch/game approach and it often comes down to what the OC is trying to convey/gain on a given down and distance, whether its the Rb1 or 2. I take it, this is what the offensive quality coordinator is managing during games.
  9. So your advocating for slavery now? Nice!
  10. Freeman is never healthy enough to be a bell cow. We will feature 2 backs and they will probably both still struggle to be healthy
  11. Who is visiting this weekend?
  12. Hopefully he will make some good plays. He takes a lot of heat from fans, but he’s actually a **** good guy.
  13. Was that in PM?? I seem to recall an actual post by him about that
  14. Now they don't call you Sponge for nothing.
  15. I dont think that would suit the strength of our current DL at all.
  16. Work hours guys don’t last long. Anyone who has over 350+ touches per season isn’t going to have a career that lives beyond 5 years. If they do their production will drop significantly after those 5 years.
  17. I hope not. If only because it would mean we were mirroring the demise of Mike Smith. 1. year with Major injuries cost us the season. 2. Lets try some 4/3 4/3 hybrid Amoeba stuff and have Senat cover Mike Thomas...
  18. Honestly, I want the best players on the field at all time. Whether it's Freeman, Ollison, Smith, Hill, Green, IDC. I just want the best out there and if we need to trade for another number 2 if Freeman doesn't come back completely (which I DO think he will, he's has a whole year to train and heal and I believe he will be fresher than he was behind SJ) but no matter what the scenario, best 11 on the field, that means that if Freeman comes out the person who swap out better not be such a huge drop off that the offense takes a drop in production. When Coleman used to swap with Freeman, they were TOTALLY different styles, but very much productive as the next. There were even times when Ward would come in and get those tough yards, lay the wood and be productive, but the key was getting him in there at the right time. I know it will take a while to find out for sure just what we have in these backs, but its one of the reasons I'm thankful for the extra preseason game. Our backups should get PLENTY of playing time next week.
  19. @Tandy You have my sympathy. I wish and hope that you and your loved ones find the right path forward. Nothing will ever be the same nor should it be.
  20. While you are correct, I tend to think of it in a more positive way. - Any NFL back who's a rode like a workhorse through the season, will either get hurt at an inopportune time or will be running on fumes later in the season. I think our RBC is just an acknowledgement of this and not of a deficiency in a player. RBC also provides better visibility into if we have the next Walter Peyton sitting in the wings.
  21. That’s wrong, but funny.
  22. Edit: Just thinking about the "Wizard of Oz" right now! Great movie, especially this scene with the munchkins!!! Had to flush a goldfish last night!
  23. Ain’t nobody stealing opportunities from Freeman. Those fans are complete idiots
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