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  2. Really talking bout yourself in third person on a messageboard?
  3. Sanu's Name was out there before then.
  4. I think this is one of the last times it was presented. RW was the first receipt and held it the longest. We gotta have a fan mutiny and bring the stick back.
  5. This guy obviously got hit on the head with a coconut...
  6. We self-medicated. Now we self-medicate while online.
  7. Sadly, I hit zero shortly after the Texans game.
  8. You are right lol...we don't learn our lesson.
  9. Seattle 367 Falcons 7 daaa Bears...
  10. Finally getting into the Righteous Gemstones. Just finished the first episode. Statesboro's own Danny McBride is a genius.
  11. I'm starting to think he knows that. His loyalty is deep, but not as deep as his pockets.
  12. I’ve got major money on this fantasy season lol. 6-1 right now baby. I have Julio too so I hope Schaubie goes off and we get the win and the points. I mean, it’s something to cheer for. I have been every week.
  13. lol vic is terrible and all those dline pics looks like shat from TD
  14. You mean the un-escape goat!
  15. It wouldn't be the first thing that was stolen from WFW on the AFMBs. I give that she-it out for free. Not a businessman any longer, but I am old. Even if you marry a swamper that saying still stands.
  16. Jake isn’t going anywhere. He’s no all pro, but he’s a solid player at a critical position. He’s not some insanely overpaid WR (ahem). Not to mention, if he would net a first round pick from another team in need of a LT, doesn’t that tell you that he’s a valuable player whom the team needs to keep? Seriously, how hard is that?
  18. Beasley not loving his trade and using his God gifted talents to excel or put in the work is what makes Beasley look so bad. Dude has absolutely zero passion for the sport. When he stood in the tunnel waiting on the refs review while his teammates were on the sideline was the writing on the wall when dudes heart and head were.
  19. I spent most of monday morning explaining to a few people at work that the 1921 Tulsa massacre really happened.
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