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  2. How many years does Firzgerald have left?
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having Rosen here. He'd work so well under Ryan. But we likely couldn't afford the kid. He's smart, he just hasn't adjusted to the speed of the game yet. He also didn't have stable coaching and he had some of the worst blocking in the league. He needs to learn under another QB, he doesn't need to jump right back into a starting position on some ****hoole team. Obviously just an idea, I doubt it'd happen.
  4. Who do you guys want at 14? Who would you trade up for?
  5. Kyler Murray #1 overall... glad it’s not my team lol
  6. They better get him an Oline.
  7. Is San Fran going to go DL for the 4th time in a row? lol
  8. Cardinals are the new Browns...
  9. Alabama shut him down until garbage time. Snap shot of what he'll be in the NFL. Since Vick everyone wants a mobile QB and most reach for one
  10. Was that ford in red and black??
  11. Everything that the Saints do is much worse!
  12. BB gonna trade for Rosen
  13. Ford wearing red and black coat...... interesting.
  14. I’d do it in a heart beat .
  15. Next. But where do you think Rosen is dealt?
  16. Well, they did it. Can't believe this dude was #9 overall for baseball and now #1 in the NFL. More power to him.
  17. Can't wait to read the Cards message boards later, but they did the right thing. A new coach needs to pick his own guy if the incumbent is unproven.
  18. What a great franchise the cardinals are
  19. Already trying to compare him to Wilson lol
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