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  2. What a boring *** game.
  3. He may be leaving at the half
  4. LOL thinking bush shrub twig didn't even think hedge lol
  5. Truer words were never spoken
  6. Someone needs to burn Kirbys *** in the media. The softball questions arent cutting it. Hea starting to sound like Quinn with his coach speak
  7. I get the bad feeling Fromm will be better in the pros than in college. Probably for the Saints. Because that’s of course how it will go.
  8. Coley has to be 1 and done. WRs, Oline, rain, there isn't any excuse for him in my book.
  9. If it makes you feel better, App State whooped some *** today. Just laying waste to teams from Louisiana.
  10. It was right there for you man lol
  11. Route tree? they got a route shrub LOL no imagination and nothing quick everything time consuming
  12. Extremely dull football
  13. Kentucky OL can get a first
  14. Tight my ***. Your butthole is tight
  15. Oh. Well there’s the problem everyone! We’re tight. Why are we so tight?
  16. Why are we calling timeout? To get the ball back and kneel it?
  17. Bull dogs playing soft on offense
  18. Is it lack of talent at wr or scheme routes?? To me that’s the biggest tale on coley- pickens, roberson our te’s- granted fromm looks like he’s struggling still from last week but good grief u cannot tell me our wrs are garbage, inexperienced yes but our routes and oc f-Ing suck
  19. Probably in the first quarter alone.
  20. Sending all down field. No dig routes, drag routes, quick slants.
  21. All these 5* Players, but horrible coaches. Just can't get excited with recruiting anymore.
  22. We lost to SC last week and we may lose to a mediocre at best Kentucky team. Both at home. It’s not that Mizzou is great but we’re seeing you don’t have to be great to play with us. Especially if we’re at Mizzou. Seven games in I’ve yet to be impressed with this team. I don’t think it’s crazy to say we kind of know who they are at this stage.
  23. It's almost like having a dual threat QB in games where your offense is dog **** would be a game changer. But alas....
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