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  2. Look, let's be honest. If this team is serious, they're putting roofies in their dinner drinks. Go big or go home.
  3. Still too early
  4. Trufant school of catching
  5. Keanu Neal school of receiving graduate
  6. Im taking it easy this game day. Bought some Walkers meats BBQ and chips
  7. He thought it was a rebound.
  8. That is why Kentucky is a basketball school. that was a TD
  9. Thank God he thought he was playing soccer
  10. This is 4 down territory for them.
  11. You know they are just going to run.
  12. I swear this team lol
  13. Now the D goes to you know what
  14. This team is soft.
  15. goodness kirby.. just pathetic.
  16. And we give it back because Kirby is afraid to kick it deep.
  17. Turn em loose Kirby let them get their mojo back
  18. Georgia should beat a Kentucky team who hasn’t completed a pass. All Fromm is doing is handing it to running backs, and special teams screw up.
  19. boom!!!! 14 point lead.. yes!!
  20. But it was his first year at that position and as a starter
  21. 14-0 UGA? Kentucky can't complete a pass? Yep, this game is over, time to find the next game to flip to.
  22. Nice get Some Herrian
  23. Rub to the outside, works again.
  24. A muffed punt and a turnover saved us lmao start a drive from the 30 and score
  26. We need to restructure Matthews and Ryan I think. Mack is gone unless he restructures to a smaller deal.
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