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  2. What kind of person keeps a list of all his accomplishments?
  3. 2019 trade = 4.5 mil dead cap, 9.5m cap savings for 2019 10.2m dead cap for 2020. Still a net savings of 5.5m for 2020 plus the rollover from 2019.
  4. Springer has even less of an excuse, given that he's a more veteran player and that unlike in G1 of the division series, by now everyone knows the balls have have deadened.
  5. why did you give your girl a black eye? I'm calling the coppers.
  6. True. Imo, it'd more likely be a team in the NFC North, those very Jags who now have multiple first rounders, Baltimore or even Buffalo.
  7. And just in general...could have used 5 mil of that money to add on the the OG money and get an actual good OG instead of 2 backup caliber guys. Then still had 8 to use to get a project.
  8. Just wait until he hires Brian McCann, Evan Gattis, and Eddie Perez as coaches.
  9. Wow. Most of this sucks ***.
  10. No, we don't get the $13mm back in 2020. The $13mm spent on Vic's salary in 2019 is GONE - forever! The Salary Cap H#LL of 2020 is what it is w/o Vic on the books at all. Had the Falcons not paid Vic this year through the idiotic 5th year option - we could have spent that money elsewhere for 2019 - or - a better plan would have been to just use those monies for 2020 when we knew we were gonna have salary cap struggles.
  11. I couldn't even be too mad. The problem would be with him still being here. I do think that the OL in this draft was solid. Our line will be one of the best in 2 years.
  12. Well I only added that last sentence as an aside. It mainly just made no sense. However, either of the guys in GB have been doing better. The only thing in Vic's favor is it was just a single year deal. There were a number of people w similar yearly payouts who were clearly better players. Vic hasn't gotten many pressures his entire career...I just never understood what they thought they were getting. If he played well, we couldn't and shouldn't keep him (don't have the money, and he's inconsistent) and if he played poorly, then you shouldn't have paid him 13 mil. Paying the guy hoping for a comp pick just seemed like a bad move. It's not like it's revisionist, most thought it at the time.
  13. Hes the fifth manager to win back to back since the award started in 1936. Bobby Cox won the award from 2002 to 2005.
  14. Brian Snitker has won the Sporting News NL Manager of the Year for the second year in a row.
  15. He comes off the books already. Vic is as good as gone and with that we get 13 million back. Trufant has regressed and isn’t worthy of his salary but idk if we want 5 mill in dead money. I hope we can trade Vic and add a couple pieces to experiment with this year.
  16. I am still thinking that he may be a 11th hour trade. Teams are going to wait until the last possible second to devalue him as much as possible and make the Falcons as desperate as possible. My only hope is TD doesn't do something stupid...
  17. I dont disagree with this...dude is usually a quiet one anyways, but plays hard...and he hasnt looked the same this season as all. There was a 3rd and very long play earlier in the season(back when we thought making a few adjustments would mean likely victory), and he was in a terrible position and just completely lost focus and stopped his feet, the wideout got the angle on him and resulting first down. Plays like that may seem minuscule, but plays identical to that have added up as the season went on, resulting in a historically bad defense.
  18. At first thought, I would say no. However, when you look at his win-loss record (44-19-1) as an NFL coach, it is impressive. Many say that Harbaugh stinks as a college HC, but his win-loss record (72-37) is still on the positive side. There is a big difference between coaching in college as opposed to the NFL. Maybe Harbaugh is not as good at recruiting than other HC's in the college ranks. Maybe Harbaugh doesn't know as much about developing raw talent on the college level but is better with the pros. I don't know why he hasn't gotten the Michigan program playing better than it is. However, I do recall him doing well in the NFL, and his teams played hard and relentless.
  19. who are those players and how are they performing compared to Vic
  20. This was a chips all in season. We were title hunting and we’re willing to pay the cost in the following years…since no title is coming this year, we may as well start churning
  21. I'll just never understand the re-signing/5th year option on Vic. Has never made any sense. Legit players we could have brought in for less.
  22. Yup, I agree. My meaning was that we aren't really going to be able to trade him.
  23. Phillies is said to be leaning heavily toward Girardi, offer could happen by the end of the week. Mets met with him for a second time yesterday but they are unlikely to be decided before Philly makes an offer.
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