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  2. It’s not your fault.. I just didn’t understand how you would come after me, when he’s been doing what he’s been doing for so long
  3. Sometimes it takes a game like that to completely turn the tide!!
  4. I cant believe we have a great chance to win this series. After the start of game two I was thinking we're getting swept.
  5. I don't think I'm the one telling you to eat a ****, blow me or calling you a women like it's a derogatory term. But you do you.
  6. Good see a big huge lead, now let's hold it!
  7. 8-0 Braves! We are smokin the Indians! I wish that we would play every game on ESPN, but just mute the sound lol
  8. **** neighbor decides to burn leaves today of all days mid 60s, low humidity, not a cloud **** them!
  9. Ozzie!! 8-0 Braves!!!
  10. My true colors.. you’re a ducking chameleon!
  11. Ender yes! I didn’t expect him to do anything there, but great job!
  12. Ender!! 6-0 Braves!!
  13. You didn't start anything that just shows how obsessed he is over me.
  14. Great job Ender
  15. I may have inadvertently started wasn't my intention...Im in the corner in a time out...with a bottle of cognac
  16. I think that rally last night really woke everyone up, got them going again.
  17. LMAO you are so shook right now. Showing your true colors tough guy.
  18. I just watched episode 1 and the video quality is good enough for me.
  19. Yup...they are right on the ball making really hard contact
  20. I'm with you. The constant back and forth on this forum is getting ridiculous.
  21. Upsetting your obsessive feminism? Go figure
  22. Braves aren't getting fooled at all. Hard hits and hard outs
  23. im sure TD is the master of the prelims. I think TD would make the move with the Jets, i just done know why SF would take a DE 3rd overall then turn around and spend 2nd overall on another DE.
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