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  2. We can be positive but common sense says we need bullpen help if this team is going to repeat as NL East champs!
  3. It's nothing new. Poor whites have always voted against their interests as long as they are given brown people to blame.
  4. Dr Pepper and Kraken >>>>>>
  5. I dig what you’re saying but after the unwise decisions he’s made that hv negatively affected his NFL career just the fact that anyone in the league is even talking to him should be looked at by him as a victory at this point. It wld be a very inspiring story if he made it, but yea you’re prob right.
  6. Comical that you ALWAYS think I’m talking about you.. guilty conscience much? Sad how deep I’m in that cranium..
  7. I would be down for any of the Clemson linemen
  8. I definitely feel like Dex could be the guy at 14... But I also feel like if we were to trade down he can still be a falcon. Unless we take Baker at 14 and trade up to get Dex
  9. It’s definitely a weak point.. Parsons, who had been looking good, ran into a tough spot.. Biddle looked better, Webb looked ok, Tomlin has surprised.. Carle looked ok.. we definitely need to reach out to SF though..
  10. File this under “DUH” but the #1 reason every OL recruit gives that they choose UGA - is Sam Pittman. Under no circumstances may he ever leave the classic city. #dawgforlife
  11. I'm at a loss for words right now.
  12. Lets be real. Even if the Braves were to win their division ( which they will not) do you REALLY think this is a championship team? The braves haven't been serious about championships ever since Ted Turner sold the team with the EXCEPTION of when they gave some leeway to Wren when he was going out spending money and TRYING to get them back to the world series. He got scapegoated out of town and the braves are not gonna spend like that again. Coppola or whatever his name was, could've pulled this thing off ( winning on the cheap with that loaded talent he was bringing from the islands) but he got derailed. the new gm is just a yes man. thats it in a nutshell...
  13. Bring em home td!!! Lawrence is a big athlete. Sounds like a Quinn guy to me.
  14. Home boy is probly talking about me but he's full of **** because I'm in these threads whether we're getting our a** beat or were beating that a**.
  15. Okay, not trying to be holier than tho, but what is it with suspended licenses? How come I always hear pro athletes and/or celebs getting caught up with this? I once had my license EXPIRE when I was in the military and hadn’t made it back to the states to get it renewed in time and remember being mortified. Getting that fixed was priority whatever is higher than one as soon as I got back. Is it a I’m rich bih thing or something? Seriously I’m curious cause it seems like such an easy thing for rich ppl to take care of. Thoughts???
  16. Or gerald mccoy
  17. Haven't looked at the polling data but I'm assuming the bulk of his support is coming from well off white people.
  18. I hope you are right man. Right now I think I could do work against our bullpen though.
  19. And I am SURE they will all pretend he was right, with the pretend food that are able to put on their pretend tables in their pretend houses.
  20. Ice cold cherry vanilla Dr Pepper>>>>
  21. I've been liked Lawrence. He could be what Akiem Hicks or Fletcher Cox are to their teams.
  22. Who does like watching us lose? well, except for those “I told you so” guys..
  23. Everyone here knows me...I dont panic...Im the voice of reason....but when I start talking ****....I see some **** I dont like..
  24. I’m sure we’ve offered Grady 17-18 mill avg contract and it was refused
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