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  2. It took me a few years. I will still occasionally catch myself holding my breath when concentrating on something very technical. I don't think I took four complete breaths in my first ever competition fight.
  3. They really do.
  4. Stats with out personnel or lack of personnel don’t say much. It’s the same argument people use to defend Shanny,s mediocre years for most of his career. If John fox had kept his ego in check against a David Gerald, Jax would have done much better 2008-2010. That is what got John Fox fired.
  5. I'm a pro capitalist. But lets be real honest for a second. Some things shouldn't be based on how much money you like.... I dunno whether you live or die
  6. End of discussion, this is a load of horse crap. Capitalism is the most successful economic system in the history of planet earth but people don't want to use it for the biggest industry in the country. Ridiculous.
  7. Chris Houston’s helmet from any game so that I can put it on, never turn around to look back at what’s been put behind me, and just keep moving forward.
  8. The way college has been flooded and the curriculum watered down, in some cases (unfortunately) that is a yes.
  9. Which is why Trump is making celebrities out of four freshman members of Congress with no power. How else is he supposed to get his base whipped up against a party that's basically giving him everything he wants?
  10. They're clearly not working if they need this program. The "charity will fix this" people aren't helping if they haven't donated in decades. You just want them out of mind so you don't have to deal with it. You'd prefer to just let them die than support them.
  11. I haven't had a BJJ since my last birthday.
  12. Stop with the hyperbole. It's clown **** and makes you look like you don't have a real argument. No one in Canada or Scandinavia is waiting months or years for an MRI. Maybe a few weeks but if I needed an MRI right now, my doctor's office probably wouldn't have an opening anyway. What isn't hyperbole is that Americans are paying hundreds of dollars for routine procedures and people are going into bankruptcy because of medical bills. Policies have made it worse but the crux of the issue is a for-profit healthcare system. Everyone who knows anything about healthcare policy knows that single payer is the best option. The only question is how we get there. The only people who disagree are those who haven't thought about the issue for more than two seconds and think capitalism=America=good.
  13. Oh jeez. So now universities are basically 13th grade, 14th grade, 15th grade, and 16th grade.
  14. Hardest thing to do in BJJ for me is remembering to breathe
  15. I'm not a victim here. I just think charity should be handled by charity. Not the government.
  16. Lol. You need to watch interviews.
  17. it'd be a lot easier to just nationalize universities than have a weird labyrinth of inter-state income tax agreements.
  18. Like, how much of a **** do you have to be to think you're the victim here?
  19. "Boohoo I don't want to help these people and you can't make me!"
  20. Anything less than the best would be uncivilized.
  21. The position that will start moving up is ILB (LB) and Safety.
  22. Well I think people that force people to pay for other people's **** at gunpoint are scumbags. Once again agree to disagree.
  23. Look again I'm not saying make all healthcare out of pocket immediately. The costs are too ridiculous right now. Making it MORE free market and involving charities MORE is a long term goal, not a short term goal. That's the direction we should be moving. We're not going to get there tomorrow. The other alternative (single payer) is awful. Good luck waiting months or years for an MRI.
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