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  2. I expect a career day from Goff only for him to go back to normal the very next game.
  3. Fun fact that the Chargers had two Super Bowl winning QB's that they passed over for Rivers (Eli Manning, Drew Brees).
  4. Adding insult to injury here, in the last 2 games they have only hit opposing quarterbacks ONCE.
  5. See, that’s my point Sun Tzu. Yes, a warrior will sacrifice himself for the greater good......but that’s not the same all.....with tanking. There’s nothing Warrior or honorable in doing that. So yes, theoretically higher draft picks are more valuable, but not if you did something against your character (intentionally losing) to get them. And I disagree this is a “Straight up bottom 5 team”. They’ve certainly played like one, but we all know they should be playing a lot better than they have.
  6. our last three opponents? Houston 26th in the league at 3 sacks allowed per game. Arizona 27th in the league at 3.5 sacks per game, and Tennessee 31st in the league at 4.8 sacks allowed per game. In those three games, we got ZERO sacks. Sad.
  7. really don't give a **** if small things improved, its week 6, everyone better be firing on all cylinders. You know what didn't improve? We didn't force a punt until the 3rd ******* quarter.
  8. This team will win maybe 3 more games this year at most. So who takes the blame for a 4-12 year? Quinn has had fall guys for all his failures. Can't escape it this year. If we had anyone on this team who spoke out and voiced their frustrations his firing would have been expedited.
  9. I was thinking they should start Sheffield on the outside and swap Kazee and Rico. Kazee is a ball hawk and I think having him play centerfielder may be a catalyst for our defense to create more turnovers to slow defenses down. Oliver did play better but we need to give Sheffield more opportunities.
  10. He isn't in the right scheme for DQ. I think since Quinn got here Tru has been lost. What coverages did Smith run?
  11. He has had 5 years to get this defense fixed and has failed so why give him more time? He’s proven to be incompetent and doesn’t deserve another year to get it right. This is the job for the next head coach and hopefully next GM.
  12. Good point. Usually, it's a pick for veteran that wants a ring and if it puts us over the top. One year go for it all deal? I can buy in, but it makes the other draft picks essential to hit on. At the same time, trading up for Takk and thinking Duke was worth trading down for to recoup the cost on Takk is tough pill to swallow. I like some of the recent draft picks but 2016 looks like the only draft HR as of today. Vic/Collins marred 2015. 2019 is too early to grade but maybe OL will be right moving forward from it and who knows if Sheff/Comi can settle. I can't believe 2017 Draft is looking so bad. Kazee is a decent player but limits his snaps if he only plays the slot. 2018 at least has a shot still. Ridley looks like a solid NFL WR at minimum but Oliver had the growing pains you predicted. Senat is a lost man behind Davison in this new front we're running. Foye/Gage/Ito solid backups already 1 year in. Thanks for the contributions btw and genuinely like what you bring to the board. It makes me smile in a good way.
  13. His fists look like concrete blocks
  14. After playing with Falcons. All Q.Bs get ELITE will be the case with Goff. Main thing, we will all witness is how Aaron Donald single handedly will destroy our offensive line....and pan cake Freeman for loss of yards.
  15. Wishful thinking... It's just that Cavuto is a lucid and decent guy (he was already saying the same thing 1 1/2 year ago...) Don't expect a sudden chain reaction of moral epiphanies among the Fox posse...
  16. Fix it? He ruined it! I want him no where near the war room on draft day. For that matter the same holds for Dimitroff... Hopefully both of those losers are long gone before that...
  17. It's both who you pick and what the coaches do with them. Tanking in the NFL is hard to pull off mid-season with a healthy roster that is choking UNintentionally. Doesn't happen last year for Falcons. We beat worse teams. Oh well. Our draft pick got hurt anyway. Keep fighting for your dreams tho!
  18. Please that’s not the problem at all where we are picking it’s what we do with what we’ve picked once it gets in the door. Coaching and use of is the issue we are facing before worrying about where we are picking.
  19. Agree. I'm not giving up on Oliver but those growing pains...would've liked to see Sheffield earlier than Tru getting hurt.
  20. Which is the problem with this losing franchise. We keep losing the off season lottery which is why we are experiencing a 2 year slump. Hopefully the next GM/HC combo would know what to do with our picks.
  21. Raheem Morris is 17-31 as a head coach. Why would we EVER hire him as a HC!?
  22. If this link isn’t behind the paywall I think you guys will like it. Film breakdown with a lot of gifs.
  23. They'll need a QB first.
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