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  2. no walks
  3. Dan Stinkler and Puke Jackson. Man you are killing it with these nicknames! Still love Jackson though
  4. This would be a huge come from behind win for the series and the road trip. Better be throwing strikes though.
  5. Please be Luke and not Puke.
  6. I think he's at best a chain mover and a TD scorer but not a bell cow RB. I think he's ceiling is 700-800 yards and 10-12 TDs, which is not something to sneeze at.
  7. Start with the first guy Luke. All that matters is Ozuna right now
  8. Honestly it feels like to me that the generation who fought the useless wars is coming in to power. We're the voting block you want to pay attention to if you want to last. We are still fighting those wars actually. Trump of all people is one who actually gets this. He ****s it all up but he actually gets that part.
  9. Need just 3 outs.. Let the butt clenching commence.
  10. Haha differing opinions make the world go round. As long as we can all agree that the Mets suck, it's all Gucci though
  11. What? That’s exactly what he said only without the stupid breakdown.
  12. ****. Come on bullpen please lock this down.
  13. It's a utopia for the people who make money off it.
  14. I think we have moved beyond that though. Even the Ben Shapiro's of the world are against another war. At least right now they are. The Bill Kristols are far and few between. I can't think of a single big "media" personality who is for a war with Iran.
  15. Braves lead!!!
  16. LOL I'm the opposite.
  17. Yeah baby he went full on Braves bullpen!
  18. Oh yeah!
  19. Well. That's one way to do it lol. Great patience BMac!!!
  20. I don't like him the player, but him the announcer is good
  21. Come on Mac!
  22. He knows the game very very well. Just listening to him he is similar to Romo in the aspect that he just knows what teams are going to do. It's great.
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