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  2. yea i am but i dont use facebook at all. you right now only 60+ year olds use it but i feel like it started to really hit when i was like 15
  3. None of those guys are going anywhere. If anyone has a chance of leaving its Trufant. Ryan, Julio, Matthews, Grady and Deion are here for the long haul. I expect them to move some money around with some of those contracts but they won't be cut or traded.
  4. You can add Neal to an extent, and throwing Rico as FS I would think. Neal just doesn't have the greatest cover skills, while Rico isn't the best athlete.
  5. Grady & Vic alone were 30 million
  6. Yeah my bad, fat finger hit the 9 instead if the 0
  7. I tend to agree. But the patriots were down 28 to 3 halfway through the third quarter and ran the ball 15 times from that point on to come back and beat us. Being down shouldn’t really change your game plan until the fourth quarter
  8. Good news is that we have options at each spot. I would prefer to get DW and Theo, but will still be excited with DW paired with Henderson. I have no clue what we do with that 2nd rb spot. Seems like we are staying in contact with several backs. If I could pick between Arian Smith and Xzavier Henderson, I would take Smith. If we miss on both, I imagine that spot would go to BPA, but who knows for sure what direction the staff would want to go, especially how our wr's have struggled this year.
  9. Always playing from behind doesnt help.
  10. I remember on draft day that Quinn kept saying they were very heated battles over the past two hours about what to do. In no way do I think he wanted to use his first three rounds of draft capital on offense and personnel considering we just spent a first rounder the previous year on offense. Sheffield, Kaminsky, Miller all seem like Quinn picks...Round 1 felt like Pioli. If you recall, he only was the guy who called McGarry and said he was our selection.
  11. So who would Wolf hire as HC?
  12. I hate the Pats, but I almost hope they win it all for Sanu's sakes now. Good guy, played hard & was never utilized enough. From the outhouse to the penthouse...
  13. One 1st rounder who was drafted to run a zone scheme, the other who's got heart problems, and a center who's played in nothing but zone schemes his entire career. You want Harbaugh, then you want a remade offense, because it ain't set up to do nothing scheme-wise from a personnel perspective, that he's known for.
  14. I am an individual, and I did not elect that moron.
  15. Sounds like Theo Johnson had a great visit to Penn State. Gonna be really interesting to see how things close out with TE, RB and WR.
  16. Losing anyway might as well fire away.
  17. If this is even remotely true, TD has had a lot more influences over our players being picked in the draft than any of his defenders are now arguing.
  18. Agree with everything you said, but we are going to have to do a lot more than that. I think we save a bit more cutting Freeman post June 1. We are going to have to shed at least one or two of our top contracts between Ryan, Julio, Grady, Jones and Trufant. Julio has the most value and he comes off the books in 21 if we trade him this year. 22.2 million cap hit next year, but that is what it is. I would build around Jones and Grady, keep Ryan and trade Julio and Trufant for what ever we can get. Next year those picks won't cost much, the cuts you mention above will pay their salaries and in 21 we will have a lot of open cap room. I don't see anyway else we can be competitive next year. Unless people think we will be better with this roster and it is 100% the coaching.
  19. Nothing ‘smart’ about doing that.
  20. Sanu will make the hated Pats better. He is a great player with lots of talent while remaining a leader and great role model. He is very unselfish, plays his heart out and is not ever a prima donna!
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