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  2. Oh, not complaining, understand completely why they did those 2 moves, just saying that was another reason for not spending big on FA.
  3. If Debo gets the same overall as Grady, it would almost definitely be an extension since he has a year left. It would be 4 years, $68 million in new money, but effectively about 5 years, $70 million going forward. I figure they would probably raise his cap hit a bit for this year from the ~$1.5 million it currently is. I'd say add another $5 million this year for Debo and his contract would be very reasonable in future years.
  4. you have to secure your long-term base players - and you have to do so w/ maximum leverage. The Vic deal is much more arguable but Falcons had no choice but to do what they did w/ Grady. We weren't gonna get a good deal w/ him unless we played it all the way out. Giving Justin Houston a two year deal had some risk as it impacted the salary cap for two years as opposed to just the one year for Vic.
  5. I hope he's out there eating all the *** and otherwise living his best life
  6. No. Grady will be a new hit, around $8MMish. Julio's is already accounted for on the cap, so if anything his will go down. And Debo's isn't changing, his deal would be an extension. So after the Julio deal, that cap space is all free cap that they probably intend to roll over.
  7. Freaking steal
  8. Very good deal. If Grady has a bad day, there will be 100 threads on Falcons over paying him.
  9. I wish Billy was here, he'd get a kick out of my present disillusionment even if he skipped all the text blocks.
  10. He's a guy I'd like to see outside of the desert. His numbers have been tremendously better on the road over his career (outside of 2019) and he's still pretty young (doesn't turn 28 until October). Has the potential to see a Gerrit Cole-like boost if he goes to the right situation.
  11. It’s 2020 I’m curious about. Should be interesting to see the structure. We will know a lot about player cuts once these numbers are released
  12. Trump has to apologize for those tweets. That's what the term dog whistle was made for. Sorry I can't support that kind of nonsense. With the exception of one all of them are born here in the US. So what are you really saying? He essentially said go home to where people look like you. Garbage racism tweets.
  13. Good point
  14. Well, that and the 28 mil in cap tied up by Vic and Grady.
  15. I'd say Foye replacing Duke is a given. If he doesn't then DQ needs a talking to by upper management.
  16. That’s what I am saying. How will we split the 23 between Grady & The Jones’s I’d just give all 3 an 8 million CAP hit for 2019
  17. Grady was always gonna be first. He had waited his turn and his contract was on a deadline, Julio is under contract. Debo is 2020 but Falcons are starting now to buildup goodwill and gives team a little more leverage to start talks earlier and also allows for more longer term options in cap strategy. These moves we are making now is why we didn’t go out and chase the Justin Houston’s of the world in free agency.
  18. The Cap is increasing ~$10 million a season these next two years. I think we’ll be fine.
  19. Not that I dont believe and maybe I missed it where did the cap number come from I didn't see any details yet
  20. Doesn't change my point. If they bring it down 1 mil, or even keep the cap hit the same, they don't need to find any extra money to sign him.
  21. A chunk would go to Julio’s final contract so he retires a Falcon. Then we got plenty of guys who need deals soon. Keanu, De’Vondre, Hoop, maybe Mack?
  22. Fair enough . . . I hate to say this, but thank you. I needed a laugh today and that was the first one I've had.
  23. Is there a term for Jews that are racist against their own people/interests?
  24. We'll probably slot in around $15MM. That $22MM isn't taking into account Grady's hit, it just removed his tag. Still, a good chunk of money with Julio's deal coming to free up more too.
  25. I doubt it. He will sign a 20 mill APY contract and is set to make 13 mill this year. It will bring the number down maybe 5 million for 2019
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