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  2. Because they need the truth from somewhere. One that happens to be right on all the major stories. Or y'all can just follow each other's false narratives while patting each other on your collective backs. All the while spreading falsehoods and lies of things I didn't say. But you know, let's attach the moderate and make him look bad because we are wrong g and he us right. Maybe it's time done of you lemmings change the way you go about things because I shouldn't be this right on all the big some point stubbornness is taking over your prides
  3. liberals right now:
  4. Yeah, I saw it. It was a partisan press conference.
  5. The Falcons spent a lot of time this offseason creating depth on O, and a little bit on the DL. I think DT, RT, CB, LB, and S are the immediate places I'd like for us to address early in the draft, and then move on to looking at WRs, OC, or RBs that can help us with upcoming contracts in future years ( Sanu, Mack, and Free ). That said I think we aren't going to take someone just to take them. For example RT: Ty may not be the answer, but he gives you are certain freedom to not reach if you aren't 100% comfortable with somebody where you are picking.
  6. I wouldnt worry about Dansby. Hes still having good ABs. Players are going to have slumps.
  7. Why do y’all even entertain that guy anymore?
  8. I was hopeful he wouldn’t do what he did. I was giving him one last benefit of the doubt. No longer.
  9. They should have also added a coach offering the band member a Vicodin after he got trucked by the Ram.
  10. FNN Falls To Food Network In Last Week’s Ratings...
  11. It's like they don't realize how powerful adopting "too stupid to collude" could be.
  12. It is...and for management as well...all Julio did was ask...they said yes.. It will get done...I honestly dont understand why folks all in their feelings about this Not talking about you...
  13. Hopefully it's bad , his OBP has been high still but hes also striking out just as much as he has at any other point in his career.
  14. I don't see Oliver being boom or bust at all.
  15. It was like one big berd flew over the cuckoos nest and laid egg all over the lemmings, one big line of lemmings all getting egg on the face
  16. What you are saying makes as much sense as anything I have said, which was they were trading-up and drafting CB at #2, Then OC with what is left.
  17. Do you think Dansby is coming back to means or just hitting into bad luck?
  18. I hope they aren't stupid enough to be in love with Ty at Right Tackle (I don't think they are..they've interviewed/met with all the top tackles in the draft).He didn't exactly set the world on fire at RT last year. Serviceable would be a good description. Need a real Right Tackle.
  19. Naah, I was responding to a post that said there was consensus about Julio being a diva and I said that 4-5 posters with 40 posts each in a thread didn't constitute a consensus.
  20. This stems from the embarrassment that supposedly "smart people" on here fell for the narrative and helped push this hoax for over two years. I got to admit, if I was in you shoes I'd be embarrassed and I would attack me too to try and get the egg off all your lemming faces.
  21. Amen, Mr. Kanye is one of the best Trump proponents on the black side of the aisle. No Collusion No Construction
  22. They don't have any stretches of 4 out of 5 at home coming down the stretch either. It works both ways.
  23. Soroka called up, Shane Carle sent to AAA.
  24. Amen and I am donating again today
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