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  2. To make it easier for people to quote a specific one they want to comment on
  3. My mistake. Good catch
  4. He says the same thing ever year. Needs based but not the point of reaching far down your board.
  5. I'd rather it be one at a time so people are quoting one post with three tweets in it. It'd be a ***** on mobile.
  6. @hjerry Why so many posts? Why not put two or three of those in the same post?
  7. The OP's information isn't correct about the Patriots not having 2 straight road games. They play at Buffalo and then at Washington the next week. Also, like you alluded to, playing essentially a repeated sequence of 1 home game/1 away game isn't advantageous. It results in a lot of back and forth traveling as there aren't really any significant home stands. Even their bye-week is sandwiched between two road games.
  8. Yeah heard Quinn saying something similar today. That is Quinn, not Dimi. For years Dimi said we are a needs drafting team. It's all out there in the archives. It's also obvious in his drafts.
  9. Clinton puppet? Nah. Another corporate Dem? Yeah.
  10. This is true. But I'm willing to bet if these guys/guy makes it to the NFL they had some guidance whether it was their father/mother or a father figure like a coach/mentor. It is a crying shame when things go awry.
  11. Aints are 362-435-5 Falcons are 358-452-6 Huge difference. Your bounty gate SB doesn’t make you superior.
  12. Impeach the ***********.
  13. That’s the main part that had me laughing
  14. When someone is specially out to get you and find anything you say to be a contradiction. Its best to not say anything. Especially to a guy who knows how to get you to say something.
  15. Imagine if one of these two is like Grady? That just makes our DE's that much better.
  16. Yep. Asante told me he wished he had another year with tru and Alf. They left too many picks on the field.
  17. Good post!!!!
  18. Change the laws or dont break them. Not complicated.
  19. Ah another Clinton puppet
  20. He can't see it, but he wont be able to see what it says. By time he gets to the end of the sentence his brain will scramble it, create a cloud of internal confusion, allowing him to conclude it says something different.
  21. "Some people say I have one of the best memories of all time"
  22. Fast and Furious called and says you're wrong
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