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  2. Thanks for pinning this whoever pinned it. Maybe sooner or later folks will at least offer up some prayers. I'm getting so depressed with the lack of response I've gotten from people on here, Twitter and Facebook.
  3. How any person can live through the last couple of years and believe this is beyond me. You're either intentionally trolling or... You gotta be trolling.
  4. No sir, all Booker needs to whip Trumps fat *** is the right pair of sneakers! Those hipster shoes will definitely fail him when needed!
  5. You should write for the Babylon Bee
  6. And Luke Jackson is?
  7. Warren proved she will put her cards on the table. Something Trump has never done (hyperbole). Warren reshifted the battleground. Do you think Warren won't get pissed off if Trump calls her pocahontas to her face? She will probably get mad because it's literally a racial slur against her. Wouldn't an african american if they were called "sambo" or some other ****? Or if an African American respected his long lost "African" roots and Trump made fun of them for it? I think you are not looking at Warren as what she is... a white person with native ancestry, something millions of Americans identify with.
  8. You get a like for a neon genesis reference
  9. Parsons was put in because he throws right-handed. You know you've got to do matchups late in the game because it's in "the book." Forget about using your best remaining reliever because he throws left-handed and cannot get out right-handed batters. Snit logic.
  10. I’m 1/1024 percent sure you’re correct on this.
  11. the analytics never saw him as that dominant, lockdown guy as y'all saw and that was why he was never seen as a factor there. Even as Luke struggled, the contact Swarzak was giving up but finding gloves mostly until tonight was rating worse than the contact he gave up. That doesn't mean he's not good, but he's not going to be lock it down and throw away the key anymore. Good sequencing never lasts forever.
  12. Uh... Now he can't call her Pocahontas without it being a legitimate racial slur. He definitely put his foot in his mouth.
  13. DeMarco Murray had 2 good seasons for the Cowboys and 1 good season for the Titans and was very average the rest of his career.
  14. wow this is brutal
  15. Naw bring these boys up here and put pads on em and show us how to tackle. Our college teams would wipe em.
  16. I figured Snit was just throwing the towel on this one. Nats will make up some ground possibly.
  17. LOL!! Luke Jackson has been terrible for a while and it's all bad luck and Swarzak has his first bad outing in a Braves uniform and "that's the reason he's not closer." WTF?
  18. Did she play his game? Did she gain anything? Dog I'm not playing Serge here but she did exactly what he wanted her to. She didn't win anything.
  19. So glad that with the game on the line we turned to Wes Parsons of all people because we've got to go righty/righty!! Got to play that matchup game. No reason that Parsons should have ever been put in the game. Should have been Newcomb. But whatever. I'm not the manager.
  20. This ump sucks balls
  21. Sarcasm isn't necessary. Did she lose significant support? Did she factually prove her case? Did she get forced out of the race for POTUS? None of that.
  22. Freaking scrubs
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