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  2. Filming “30 For 30: The Ra’shede Hageman Story: How One Man’s Comeback Brought the Long-Suffering Falcons Their First Ring”
  3. Was honestly thinking ab her at work today. Glad she’s getting better! We’re here for you, Tandy!!
  4. Calm down Francis. Kazee isn't going anywhere
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  6. The odd thing about Worzone/Tea Falcon is that he wants to vote for Warren but he also goes around "making fun of socialists" He takes contradictory positions randomly And No one quite understands why, I'm afraid not even Tea himself
  7. I don’t really care about having FA money. My concern is signing our own guys.
  8. ...these aren’t hourly positions, worzone. you understand that cutting hours for salaried employees doesn’t lower their pay, right?
  9. I say why not do all of them which I do except Reddit
  10. In the long run, I just hope we don't move on from Kazee in favor of Rico at FS. Achilles is a terrible injury. I wanted Kazee to replace him before the injury. Fits this defense so much better. Rico has just been a solid player, that I probably take for granted sometimes, but i think Kazee replacing him in the long run will make this defense take a big step forward. He will not be missed in some ways, will be in others, but Kazee would be missed much more if we let him walk a couple years down the line. If rico has lost a step this year, I hope Quinn is smart enough to make that replacement QUICK. He's just always been a player I have wanted replaced, because the FS spit can transform this defense, and while he doesn't do anything to hurt the team, he doesn't do much to elevate the team either, except for his experience on the back end, which is very valuable when lining up teammates and making calls. Kazee has had that duty for a full year now, and I hope we can make that transition sooner, rather than later. As long as it is at some point, rather than never. I also think NB is holding Kazee back from his full potential, unless he is on the field atleast 75% of the time, and Rico hasn't lost a step.
  11. My username isn't probably familiar with anyone here, as I've lost passwords for multiple accounts over the years. Been coming to this Message Board every day for about 15 years, and Tandy was always a constant. Hoping that our birds can put on a show for you this year! I also hope you get better in your personal life. Rise up for Tandy.
  12. I swear to god if we let kazee go in favor of Rico, we will regret that decision for years to come, and that was before the Achilles...
  13. As someone that didn't get to see the game this is awesome!!!
  14. Needed to be repeated because the years of watching our OL get pushed around like school boys is over. And that makes me happier than a fat kid with a piece of cake.
  15. Was awesome watching Gausman work. Really happy with his outing.
  16. Here's the other thing, why does it matter to folks how much cap space the Falcons have during the season? Seems like folks want the Falcons to have an X amount of cap space during the season. Do they get extra wins for it or something? I'd much rather spend every dime that is needed this year to put the best possible product on the field so that I give myself the best chance at winning the Super Bowl. This ain't baseball where you save money in the offseason for the possibly of midseason trades. Midseason trades in the NFL are like a unicorn.
  17. Congratulations and welcome to our newest fan!
  18. Sending lots of love and prayers for Tandy.
  19. You've got to give Austin Riley some time. Riley just turned 22 in April. It took Mancini some time to put it all together too. Mancini in his 2nd full season at age 26 hit only .242/.299/.416 (.715) with more strikeouts than hits. Dude had less than 2000 PA in the minors.
  20. Great to get home from a long hard night of work to see a 7-1 Braves win and a dominant pitching line from Kevin Gausman!! If we can get the 2018 version that will go a long ways towards solving a lot of problems.
  21. Did I say you were apologizing for Trump? I said you always seem to favor the right in any discussion. I mean that in itself is fine, we all have our biases... but you parade as an open minded moderate yet you always seem to have some kind of explanation for how the left is screwing up and the right is benefiting from it. You apply this to every social issue that comes up. It's weird. I have had my share of complaints about people playing the race card too much... but suggesting that the left made the argument weak for when actual racism comes up is an absurd cop out. Pure and simple. Real racism cannot be watered down. It only takes a willingness to ignore it. It's something someone says when it's not an issue they actually care about. You're gonna have to walk me through how Republicans have been frozen with fear of racist accusations, because I disagree with that statement pretty hard. I think people on the right have an assortment of excuses for why unpopular policy they want hasn't happened and blaming the left any way they can is pretty convenient. The Russia thing is pretty irrelevant. Most people haven't paid attention to it or cared about it at all basically the whole time. Whenever I see someone say something like "the left screwed up with the Russia hoax" all it tells me is they are too plugged into right wing propaganda.
  22. If I didn't figure it out for myself, it's not like anyone here would have told me. It seems to me like it ought to be more distressing than it is going into 2020 how much the left is willing to obsess over Trump's influence versus having practically no desire to understand what he's driving at in creating the stories that he does, beyond what it confirms to them about Trump and his followers. It looks like a bubble, and it feels like a bubble, and I keep finding things I needed to go outside the bubble to find.
  23. Last start before going to the IL. We can't expect this every night...but if it can be somewhere in the middle between this and 7 runs in 3 innings....we should be good
  24. just love it when a millennial journalist makes a great point on cable news TV
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