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  2. Picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue. Rodger. Hugh?
  3. If he was there at 45 and passed the filter he’ll yes I’d take him.If we can resign Hageman we can surely take Simmons. Put him on ice for as long as it takes and laugh. We say trade up for top 10 talent well what if top 10 talent fell to us at 45 he’ll yes I’d take him.
  4. Michael Vick ring a bell?
  5. This is the first Falcons off season news to get me excited. Happy for the dude. I Hope he can get back to form or exceed where he was when he left.
  6. Honestly I don't really think there is that such a massive difference between the guys projected to go in the 1st round vs 2nd round. I rather take a mauler/elite RT in the first and then do defense rest of the draft. We'll have 8 picks which we can use on several DT and DE talent. These positions are top heavy, you can get elite DE in the 2nd for sure.
  7. Or OT (ended up being Matthews) vs trading the farm for Clowney.
  8. Gotcha. Man I’m looking for improvement off the field. Im not too concerned about the draft too much from what I’ve seen DQ normally gets what he wants on the talent front. For me it’s all eyes on the coaches we got a **** of a roster and are still adding too it.If I se more Mickey Mouse Disney land stuff off the field with use of the mentioned I’m a knife through hot butter on these coaches and asking why.
  9. Look I am not saying what he did is right but that was years ago. The guy has done a lot since then. I just think if he falls to our 2nd pick, it be dumb not to take a chance on him. He's elite level talent
  10. ^ This
  11. 2016 - 12-4 2017 - 6-10 2018 - 4-12 Maybe I got the word collapse wrong. Maybe trading Khalil Mack to the Bears (turning them into a division winner, ironically at 12-4) was a good idea. Maybe Gruden is a great coach. Maybe they will finish the stadium someday and actually start playing in LV. It's delayed. Maybe They will pay all those debts they have to Oakland and the Colosseum. They are a paragon of NFL greatness....but I could be wrong.
  12. I mainly agree. I guess what I'm saying is I think we can come away with 3 good players this draft, 4 if we're lucky, and we need 5. I think our best shot would likely be DE 1st round, DT 2nd, CB 3rd...and then a center and RB and WR later. But that leaves RT without any love. I think that draft would work out great for us if we didn't need OL. That's more of what I was getting at. If you push DE, DT or CB or OT to later than the 3rd round, you're really doing a lot of hoping.
  13. Them 2016 rooks were handled most of the season. Especially Neal and Campbell. They got bled by NE in the Bowl. 31 points in 22 minutes? Good Lawd. And don't say they were tired. Campbell is on tape saying they weren't. They were under executing. Poole was grab assing. Second year LCB savior Jailin Collins was targeted at half time by Billy and Brady and got handled by a nondescript UGA WR.
  14. Wanting to restrict private companies from who they can fire sounds pretty liberal
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  16. I think they have aligned there needs with the draft talent. It could be said for what we need Dline and CB there are those types we like the urgent and athletic types especially along the dline. There also seems to be the longer type fast corners also available who DQ seemingly likes also. Rush the passer and takeaways are my take on the defense this year.DQ will be looking at that talent first and foremost in my mind.
  17. One post too late my friend!
  18. How is it different situations when both were domestic violence and I could be wrong, but I don’t think he was saying that statement was about Simmons. The way I read it, it was about TD being open to giving second chances.
  19. I hate the bucs, but that's not really fair to any team.
  20. You haven't been around very long have you? There are heated draft arguments every year.
  21. I want a top notch defensive line. This team is stud pass rusher away from potentially getting there. My mentality is perfectly fine considering how tired I am of watching mediocre or terrible fronts in Falcon uniforms every year.
  22. I debated that in my head after I posted, but agree w you...without the coin flip that landed Ryan, LI coin flip never happens.
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