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  2. I love Ito, not sure if he’s big enough to take the pounding of a feature back but I love him getting lots of snaps each year as part of a tandem. I know very little about Langford but he’s young and has got a great size and speed combo.
  3. Love it, can’t see it happening but love it.
  4. My mother recently passed. Mom gave my wife all of her recipes. My wife fixed our family’s traditional Easter dinner exactly like Mom did. I cried I know Mom is out of pain and in heaven keeping the big guy in line.
  5. I think in the later rounds you need to think about special teams, so I like the idea of getting safeties and linebackers who might make an impact. A RB who is a returner I could understand, but then you are looking at a fast, smaller back. I think if the team needs a RB on the roster, it needs to be in the 4th round.
  6. Too stupid to collude... learning how to obstruct though!
  7. Call me crazy but I would prefer Ito and Langford if Freeman goes down again.
  8. Really surprised to see the negativity and lower ranking for Oliver. Based on what I’ve read around here about him he was a can’t miss prospect. Heck I have even seen nfl network mock him above Williams! The thing I didn’t realize were how short his arms were, that is a bit concerning.
  9. honestly I don’t see the point in drafting one In late rounds. We have plenty of talent for depth . If the team really wants a running back they need to get somebody that can be a starter. So take one in the top three or four rounds or don’t bother at all until UDFA.
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. He’s my guy. Take him in 3rd rd.
  12. Can we get both? Trade Beasley for a pick?
  13. Beric, Ed, Greyworm, Jorah, Tormund. Melisandre and Podric I'm not set either way on.
  14. Amen, I like both of these guys too. Both would significantly fortify our defensive front trenches.
  15. Tuesday, 6:40 PM, Gausman vs Sonny Gray Wednesday, 6:40 PM, Soroka vs Tanner Roark Thursday, 6:40 PM, TBD vs Anthony DeSclafani It's likely Bryse Wilson on Thursday.
  16. In an odd twist Julio is starting off well. His ERA for innings 1-3 is 2.40, innings 4-5 is 11.17.
  17. “Jake Fromm faced 4 top-20 scoring defenses in his last 6 games. He had a 17-2 TD-INT ratio while completing 68% of his passes.”
  18. I guess he'll be coming in the back door to the castle since he's coming up from the south and the WW are on the north side.
  19. I’d take this one...Sign me up
  20. Today
  21. I was kinda iffy on wilkins now im like eh. Nor sure if he will be physically enough.
  22. The sole reason the French keep losing wars.
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