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  2. I feel like Brown would help the team most. He looks really powerful in game. Teams are killing us right up the middle so I think having a special big man would really improve what we're doing. Plus, with two stud DTs I think even average DEs could get home. Wouldn't be mad about rolling the dice with Young either tho.
  3. They all **** up, but it's not about that. It"s about how the rules are different for one side over the other. But we all already know that even though most of the Lemmings remain in denial.
  4. I don't think we should get rid of a player that can time travel. Matt just turned 34 in May. Turning 37 after next year would be a beast move.
  5. It’s a team game, but Delpit is a guy who could transform an entire defense.
  6. I think our whole staff needs to look at who is doing what RIGHT NOW and act accordingly. That means benching Oliver. That means benching Campbell. It even means benching Trufant or at least subbing in someone else to see what they can do. Guys who aren't cutting it on the OL -- get them out of here. It's not about 2016. It's about right now. We need to find out what else we have on this roster. We need to cut ties with expensive players who are barely better than scrubs. Where we have holes, we gotta try to fill with new pieces. Just look at how Kazee excelled last year. We don't have to wait for someone to get hurt to see what else we have. Also, we need to stop running the same **** defensive scheme every game. Why are are continuing to do something that our guys can't execute well? If it doesn't work, you have to adjust. Play man coverage and blitz this week. Make Goff uncomfortable. If that doesn't work, try something else. The best organization in football completely changes their scheme from one week to the next, including the players that will be featured. You cannot be tied to particular guys or even particular schemes! You have to find out what maximizes your chances of winning and go with that.
  7. I never attacked or discredited Murray. Objectively, Matt Ryan outplayed him Sunday. Both had a great game. One’s was better. Yet, to you that equates to discrediting the guy with the lesser performance? But that would be intellectually dishonest! You brought up the rookie versus elite quarterback comparison. If it’s based on that then how come players like Aaron Rodgers can get far behind themselves? Point taken as indeed both defenses were trash.
  8. They're not gonna win the NC this year.
  9. What did he know about Hillary? (Too soon?)
  10. Put him in the Pit of Despair
  11. Sure impressed by what I’ve seen so far.
  12. Here's the thing about TATF and tanking. First, I dont like the idea of tanking. My opinion. But the way I see it most of you TANKERS, want to get a better draft choice, but dont have faith in the front office to draft the correct people. Just saying. Be careful what you wish for.
  13. Your right. We will be passed to death because that is our biggest D flaw. We can't stop receptions period.
  14. I'm a tanker and I approve this message.
  15. Since AB is not going to make an in-season move barring total collapse. It would be interesting to see IF DQ and TD would be flexible enough to change their mindset and MO to show a some improvement who knows it might work. We are not going to the SB now anyway. Be open tollĺ like giving Grace, Neasman, Larkin, Ellison, Cominsky, Graham more playing time. Bring back TBJ and give Hageman a chance. Bring in McDonald or Illokia who have veteran experience at Safety and give them a shot. Maybe make a trade not for trade sake but one that will help. BUT DQ and TD won't even try instead DQ will continue making fancy sounding bites like we are almost there and we have no room for error. This FO is very stubborn and has blinders on.
  16. RIP Elijah, man I thought he was older that that.
  17. All news dabbles in fake newsroom time to time...some just dabble more. 24/7 news is a TV show, it's the devil. I called it when Turner started FNN
  18. True but, they cannot play the tough guy either, as eventually the tougher sanctions make their presence felt.
  19. Bern needs capitalism ato run his socialism, he knows it and I know it, but you don't know it You could tax Bern's billionaires to death and you would have enough money to run (Bern's government) for 3 months You could eliminate the Pentagon and DOD and have enough money to run the Bern's government for 4 months. Don't let them sell you a unicorn son, it's a fantasy they're pushing on the Lemmings, they know it won't work, but that is the best gimmick they have to sell you at this time.
  20. Not sure we can go wrong with Brown or Young. Either way we need to get this front 7 addressed in a big way.
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