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  2. I think I'd rather have Newcomb than Biddle in the pen
  3. I cant even be mad at Biddle anymore...They the one that keep sending his *** out there..
  4. Another Jesse Biddle walk? The only person who didn't see that coming is the only man who counts.
  5. I love me some Dexter Lawrence, though. Hope we can get him and Ford . Set for years.
  6. Sorry for the bump, just wanted to get @King Jigsaw's thoughts. Haven't talked to you about prospects this year, but I've enjoyed our discussions in the past.
  7. Biddle needs to be in the minors or selling bibles door to door.
  8. Man. **** Biddle. Why do they trust this guy to do anything in high leverage, ****ing walk machine.
  9. fing terrible
  10. Biddle cant stay on this roster much longer.
  11. He's definitely not very good in LF. His defense in CF is so much better. I made the suggestion in spring training that the Braves should have swapped him and Ender and make the defense better but nope.
  12. Free’s awesome when healthy but his running style and stature prolly won’t allow a long career
  13. Whatever. He was jogging.
  14. Lawrence, Dillard, Ford, Bush, Murphy, or Tillery.
  15. still cant throw a strike
  16. Best qb class since '83 5 should go top 10
  17. 1) Dillard, Gary, Ford, Bush and Lawrence are in my next BPA group. I'd go Ford who could probably start next year at RG or RT and eventually become an as beater. BPA at two positions of need 2) Think they'll take one of those five but won't be shocked if they draft Baker, Greedy or Murphy. Corner is the biggest need to me and Dimi is a needs based guy. If Hockenson is still there they may really pss yall off
  18. Goodie Mob/UGK till I die
  19. Cody Ford.
  20. You're going to load the bases and trust Biddle to throw strikes?
  21. Acuna can't play left. I don't think I'd call it loafing he legitimately can't play left field well.
  22. Okay, NOW we can resume blaming the pen.
  23. It’s Nique reincarnated he drains the fade away jumpa from downtown! That’s ice cold goin off the twins foreheads doe.
  24. Biddle biddleing
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