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  2. That's one possibility, let me guess, you have tons of data showing that removed or resigned Presidents' parties do not win reelection in the White House... Otherwise, I don't see how you can be so sure. If the economy stays strong, Pence could be "a clean slate." I strongly suspect Romney is gunning for the nomination... if it opens up... Romney could win if the GOP disinformation campaigns are strong enough. It's way too early to know who will win.
  3. Don’t even need a locker room source. Just look at his tweets and snapchat feeds. Nothing but basketball camps and tournaments
  4. There were a bunch of misses that year. Good ole Jameis Winston was the first overall pick.
  5. There should have been a Quid Pro Quo on Beasley!!!
  6. They all like Q because he is the “cool boss” I am in mgmt and see it all the time. we have a roster that went to the SB and had like 7 pro bowlers just 2 seasons ago...that free fall is coaching.
  7. That's what I want see also. 2 different coaches. Same problem. Offense is typically doing what they should most games. This isn't like old Cleveland or the jets, or Miami where both sides are terrible.
  8. Anti-Semitic Holocaust Denier Chuck C Johnson followed him to the SOTU at Gaetz’s invitation even after security told Gaetz who Johnson really was.
  9. ****. I tried to avoid the board after that ugly loss to the Rams. I know it got bad and a thousand “trade and fire everybody” threads were everywhere. I thought I had some breaking news lol
  10. Yeah, it turns out that crop of pass rushers from the 2015 NFL draft were not good at all.
  11. He had is best game against Philly. After the that win and the following loses, a lot of guys are standing around.
  12. If I had my own board, I wouldn’t ban people for posting stuff I disagree with. If that’s how you think I would run a board then you don’t really know me very well.
  13. Uh, that's been your well-documented, stated position on multiple occasions barring any attempt at post edits.
  14. It's often assumed Quinn has primary control over player acquisition. In addition to the points I made earlier about him still having to rely on the scouting department and GM to identify players, I'm also not sure he has full control. I remember when he was hired, they were all very wishy-washy about who was going to do what. In a presser, someone asked "who has the final say" and Quinn said "Thomas" and TD said "DQ." Point being, I'm not sure conventional wisdom about who does what on this team is right at all. And I'll say again, this movie looks like a re-run to me. Same issues, same problems, same (arguably worse) results. If Blank thinks TD is primarily to blame for the personnel on both lines of scrimmage, then honestly, I can see him saying "I'm going to give Quinn another year and see what happens with fresh eyes on the personnel side." I don't think that is what is going to happen. But it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  15. Lol I started a thread the other day with it
  16. All we can do is speculate, but I don't know about guys being mad because another guy is making more money than them. There is frustration for sure. No one wants to play football and lose. There isn't anyone in that room who wouldn't want to make more. Football can be a tough sport. It will destroy you mentally and physically. Some guys never realize when it's time to hang it up or change their approach. They're all egomaniacs and hard headed. It's also the ultimate team sport. One guy not pulling his weight can bring the whole thing down. At the same time when everyone is down, it brings it all down as well.
  17. Also, the measure isn’t any one thing — it’s not just voter perceptions nor is it just policy positions. They test up to five different measures. So it doesn’t matter how it’s measured, McGovern is extreme for all of them. But that extremism isn’t why he lost in such a landslide, either.
  18. If Biden gets the nomination, Warren can take a DNA test to prove that she's a Republican...
  19. How can you explain him standing around with his hands on his hips and not giving his all on a ton of plays this season. That type of effort is individual based.
  20. Hey, I for one am waiting breathlessly for more updates on whether or not that phone call amounted to quid pro quo.
  21. Yeah, I was surprised that Mondale and Dukakis scores weren’t more extreme, but that’s what the newest measures show so I accept that. I have to go to work so I’ll try to respond to the rest later IF there’s not more important news coming out. I would also note that the study I cited by Cohen and colleagues also showed a small and not very significant effect of ideology on vote share. The main point is that other things — especially the economy — influence elections, not ideology. Which fits with what most political science studies have shown over the years.
  22. Imagine having to follow Matt Gaetz to anything, at any time.
  23. I sincerely hope this is bull plop. TD's time here has been largely successful. There are some legitimate criticisms to be made against TD, but no more than any other GM. I would be more than fine with the Falcons retaining TD. Conversely, I can completely understand if Blank removes him in addition to Quinn at the end of the season for a total house cleaning. But the idea Blank may keep Quinn and fire TD instead of the other way around? That either means Blank has a serious lack of understanding when it comes to why this team is failing, or it means something behind the scenes is going on that has TD on the outs and has totally ingratiated Quinn to Blank. Regardless, that's bad new for fans. No HC gets hired or fired without Blank's initiation or agreement. Let's look at his track record, in my opinion: Fired Dan Reeves when he should have had one more season, which led to... Mora, which he kept one season too long, which led to... Petrino, which was as disaster, which led to... Mike Smith, fired when he also should have got one more season, which led to... Quinn, who did lead us to the Superbowl. But that's at least as attributable (if not more so) to Shanahan and that 2016 offense. He also led us to the most embarrassing loss in SB history, and despite having primary control over player acquisition has failed to acquire an effective long-term O line, pass rush, or even top 15 defense. He fired his own hand-picked coordinators, and now has 3 former head coaches on his staff, yet we still fail. And the defense under his complete control is a joke this season. Blank should have cut him loose last season, but he may want to keep Quinn and dump TD? No thanks, Mr. Blank.
  24. That's my recollection, though I confess recognizing his name is about all I know about him.
  25. If Trump gets removed from office then it’ll almost certainly be Pence running. And he’s toast because he’s been defending Trump’s behavior for years, so Dems can run against Pence as Trump. I doubt there’s a single Republican out there that could win 2020 if Trump gets tossed out of office.
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