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  2. A bit liberal, you are correct
  3. Yeah but he signed a new deal that wasn’t revealed how the structure is. So if year one of his new deal is 12 mill. You would take 15-12 and it would create 3 mill in cap space added to the 7 mill we already have to create 10. Or if year one cap hit is 14, it would create 1 mill in cap space added to the 7 we already have making 8. In no one way do we have 23 mill, simple math genius.
  4. Hasn't posted here in several weeks. No clue why.
  5. But while other teams are improving so are the falcons. They didn’t stay stagnant. Last year would’ve been tough for ANY team to overcome. Including the New England Brady’s. It was an anomaly. Won’t happen twice.
  6. What happened to BO?
  7. That’s the point of the thread. How will they spread the 23 million between these three players
  8. I think Julio will get anywhere between 19-20m a season, and Debo will get a deal that gives him 12.5m to 14m a season. After seeing what the LBs in FA got this off season, we better get it done sooner than later.
  9. Mate I fully understood what and how this was going to work. Im basically mocking the **** out of these naysayers who said we can’t do this can’t do that complained about **** they have zero control over.Complained about Jarrett and a lot of our key pieces being greedy.Talking about the cap when in all essence they have no idea.Making **** up because the media said this and that about Jarrett wanting AD money without any evidence of him or his agent saying anything about that. Thats who I’m going after and the reason I’m posting what I am.It happens every **** year with guys we have to extend.You watch if DEbo or Julio’s deals take longer than it should some BS narrative will be made up.
  10. It's this thing called....math. We had about ~$7MM in cap space before the deal. = $7MM Erase Grady's franchise tag number = $15MM That equals $22MM. Depending on the source and OP's liberal rounding, $23MM isn't incorrect.
  11. Guess who is the next one to get Trump's shoe up his butt? Wilbur Ross for not getting the census question enacted.
  12. Seems like a fair contract for both sides. Good for the team and Grady that they got it done.
  13. That’s not how it works. You have to see how Grady new deal is structured
  14. I think this is the most interesting. Think about how often we hear inside rumblings about other teams' contract negotiations, yet you never hear anything from the Falcons.
  15. Y'all just quit trying to injure players and pump in some more noise in the stadium. Less punishment for that!
  16. Just got a Wiltfong cb for Arian Smith.
  17. Ajayi? That said I doubt we pick up a significant RB. Young mid round RBs are all the rage now.
  18. There's nothing wrong with the 4 game preseason. It actually needs to be longer to effectively evaluate a roster. They just can't get away with charging full ticket price for any more pre-season games. It's already a complete rip-off that you pay full price for an "exhibition" anyway. But there's less TV revenue in pre-season. So the owners want to shorten it and add more regular season games. But they don't want to have to pay any more salary. What a crock. Keep poking that golden goose for more eggs guys. You'll kill it eventually. LAUGHABLE.
  19. Im regards to Mack I would love to resign him, even though I’ve read Atlanta might not resign him. I’d love for him to stay until he retires as long as he’s playing like he is.
  20. Why are you spreading fake news. The cap number isn’t out yet
  21. Debo only makes 1.8 so it will go up if TD is smart. Julio will drop a few million.
  22. We need a competent FA RB, Ito is not that, and the rookie is untested. Nobody knows how close to 100% Freeman is. If he goes down again, it could be trouble.
  23. Man was this something that made me cringe. He wasn't willing to fight at the LOS. It killed me and it killed him too. One that stands out clear as day for me was versus Cincy. Late game, Tru in the slot, manned up on Tyler Boyd. He doesn't get a single hand on him, Boyd jabs outside, Tru spins (losing Boyd) and then gets back on top just for Boyd to stop on a dime. Tru was beat due to lazy technique at the LOS more than anything. He's got to clean up the finer details. Has to.
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