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  2. He's saying stuff that Quinn would never have the heart to tell him because he's too busy being buddy buddy. I remember a game last year when Ridley was dropping passes left and right. Next day at practice the twitter account tweeted a photo of him pop locking. Imagine if a dude showed up like that with Belichick after a bad performance. No one respects Quinn. Starting to feel bad for dude.
  3. Stay classy, MAGA Nation.
  4. Christmas *morning*, not Christmas Eve!
  5. Welcome back
  6. No... not theirs... are you? But I do have a clear understanding of their revenue streams, their PSL's, their ticket pre-sales, and a lot more. Thinking that AB is purposely tanking this season to have the Falcons be a write-off is just as wrong as wrong can be. Sure they will make less money than if they were thriving, but they are not by any means going into the red. The worst teams in the NFL are profitable. The worst teams had around $400mm in gross revenue for 2018. The NFL distributed over $8 billion in revenue sharing funds. Don't talk about things you know nothing about.
  7. This is something I’ve said a few times. It’s not popular, but I believe it is true. Messages grow stale. Turnover is actually a good thing. Secure your top 5-6 core players and the rest are chess pieces. The Falcons fell in love with their own product and paid too many of their own players. The best way to win, IMO, is to have the most players earning over $1,000,000 Every single season the Patriots have the most players earning over a million dollars. And it’s not even close. They prefer a balanced overall roster. They may not have the best players one through 10. But 11 through 30 are by far the best in the business. This gives them flexibility within their scheme. Heading into training camp they had 11 players in their secondary earning over $1 million. And the last few years, The team that faces them in the Super Bowl is ranked second, third, fourth, or fifth in players earning over $1 million. We are far too top heavy. 130 million of our 200 million CAP is spent on out top 8 contracts next year. That’s 66%. The Patriots are at 77 million on their top 8. Add Brady and it is 95 million. That’s an extra 35 million to play around with to make their team better...keep the roster churned and the message on point. We have great talent on this team but not great leaders… The message has gone stale. Dan Quinn knows how to coach defense but you would never know it. A great opportunity was lost with this team over the last three years and it is unfortunate for us lifelong falcons fans
  8. I know you cannot hear me, but maybe that is a good thing for the Fans? Might mean they are not fixing as many games this year (not as many)!
  9. Looks like a CVS receipt. frick the Aints
  10. Beasley isn't too light to rush the passer. There has been plenty of pass rushers around Beasley's size that have done really well in the NFL. As for Quinn inviting Beasley to train. Well, at least Quinn was serious about Beasley needing to develop pass rushing moves, even if it could've been a failed attempt at doing so.
  11. Clever
  12. Our 2 guys haven't been willing to learn or truly get better. A guy like Vic should be trying to figure out every possible way he can be a sack master with his gifts. His could easily make him one of the highest paid guys in the league. Just mind blowing how guys like him don't get it.
  13. It baffles me that there are people who think Quinn is a better coach than Smith. Have you guys not watched this season at all? This was the season that Quinn supposedly took over the defense, and look how inept that side of the ball has looked all season long. The defense under Smith never looked this bad. I don’t get it. Based on what happened so far this season, I said any success Quinn had prior to this season was due to someone else works and not his own. Don’t forget this was the same guy that was going to hire someone to manage time for him because he doesn’t know when to call timeout or run off the clock. Smith on the sideline would be chalking down notes on what was going during the game. Quinn just shake his head and chuckle when being fooled by a fake punt.
  14. Why because he left for a Head Coaching job? Or because he was made to look like the fall-guy in a fixed soup bowl?
  15. $9-10M. Falcons need to get it done! Especially with Sanu leaving. Hooper has always been underrated, and even more so by yourself. He has developed great hands, has great length, great balance, very good routes, a-typical TE body that can run through backfield defenders, does not get hurt, and last but not least he is becoming clutch. Is there anything else we need to add to make a case for a decent TE?
  16. This is an old story lol. I rather watch this than listen to anyone about falcons D.
  17. Relax. At least the Benz has PSL’s. /s
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