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  2. Probably best to to just leave this topic alone with cap tbh. This is what always happens and goes nowhere.
  3. so what was the excuse for Cardinal players having 40 yards of room to run without a single falcon in the camera
  4. I see a lot of posters still saying our offense has been an issue this season, or that Koetter/Ryan has struggled, and sure, if you look at the raw numbers like total ypg and total points scored one could conclude we have been either average or above average (7th in ypg and 16 in ppg). However if we look deeper into the numbers and use some stats that account for the lack of possessions that the Falcons have had thanks to their historically bad defensive performance so far, where we rank dead last in franchise history in points allowed and third-worst in Defensive SRS according to PFF, then we start seeing that our offense has been on the whole very effective. Currently Falcons rank 4th in the league in yards per drive, 7th in points per drive, 7th in time of possession per drive, and most impressive of all we rank 2nd in drive success rate (DSR). What DSR measures are the percentage of sets of downs that either end in a first down or a TD. This stat indicates the effectivity with which a team is able to move the sticks, and is explained by our very high 3rd down cvr% (48% ranking 7th) and our equally good Red Zone TD% (65% which ranks 6th) Also of note is that we're currently ranked 29th in average starting field position, which in my estimation can help to explain how our points per drive lag behind our DSR this year. Overall, especially considering the almost complete lack of running game, this is a job well done so far by Koetter and Ryan. Obviously the big blemish here is our high turnover rate which is inflated considerably thanks to the first two games of the season where we had a whopping 6 turnovers. After that flukey start Falcons have actually done a superb job of not turning the ball over with just three in their last four games, which is a TO rate of .75per game that would rank in the top five in the NFL had. Conversely, our defense has not caused a single turnover during that same time frame, with the only takeaway coming in Houston on a muffed punt. No team in the NFL has less defensive takeaways than the Falcons who are tied with Dolphins and Jags for least in the NFL this year Interestingly, if we go back to 2018 we actually see a very similar picture, where we ranked 4th in the league in YPD, 6th in PPD, and 6th in DSR. 10th in Red zone TD% and 4th in 3rdD%. Needless to say, the offense has not been a problem for the Falcons during the last two seasons. This post is long enough that I don't want to dissect the defensive stats so far this year, but trust me, if you look deeper into them it's incredible how abysmal we have been on that side of the ball, in absolutely every single facet. It is no exaggeration to say we are one of the worst defenses not just of this year but of any year, ever.
  5. I'll give him this. At least he is bad AND entertaining...others along the line are just bad and boring
  6. We think completely opposite on this then because i might have given you Grady's on being overpaid although he wasn't to me. But your absolutely nuts if you think Debo got overpaid his contract of the 2 was the bargain deal that i think we came out like bandits on compared to other LB's comparable to him.
  7. Don’t play dumb. You know darn well what you said.
  8. Anyone who has dealt with aging parents or grandparents knows that nothing gets better with age . . . especially deficits. Biden was never the master orator, so this is just going to get uglier. He was obviously trying to say "Why should someone living on investment income pay less in taxes than a teacher or fireman clipping coupons" It never had a chance.
  9. That’s not what I said troll-boy. I said this wasn’t a bottom 5 talented team. Offensively for sure, but also defensively. See, that’s what happens when you decide to become a troll. You Start skimming away from the truth.
  10. Can pretty easily get to $40m under with cuts and restructures. Not worried about it. Much more worried about who will be leading this team next year.
  11. What an utterly insane thing to believe. That dude is a psycho.
  12. Beat me to it. The fact that he is using this as an excuse for how poorly his defense performed is mind boggling to me. Dude has lost it.
  13. I think he blew up the Bull$hit meter with that one!
  14. I'm all for paying big money for linemen, if they're worth it. Matthews has not played up to his contract. It's arguable whether he was playing up to it when it was given to him.
  15. It's too long to paste in its entirety, but this easily, and wholly, debunks wfw's absurd lie.
  16. I didn’t get to watch the debates from last night. Is there any site I can go to where I can catch it now?
  17. Weird. I got that from Dawgnation website that he was going to Michigan State. I thought it was an Edit showing committed. Oh well, sorry for the misinformation.
  18. One of our biggest problems. We're quickly learning you don't bring in a bunch of mediocre, nondescript, journeymen coaches if your intent is to build a Super Bowl caliber staff. As for Free, glad to see him get an opportunity to excel. Obviously that's all the man needed to make an impact for this offense.
  19. Is this why you go so hard the other direction against Free and for Teco?
  20. That is just under 2000 yards from scrimmage over 16 games. So yeah that would be elite numbers
  21. You have to pay your LT unless you want your QB to end up like David Carr.
  22. You leave Maria Bartiromo out of this!!!
  23. This is utterly, patently, and demonstrably false.
  24. how are they already pushing Gage when they aren't even on the team?
  25. Trump's got out of international business when pops took office, Biden's got in international business... totally the opposite
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