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  2. I think since he was really the only big pick up in the off season, he is the target. It doesn't help that Carmargo is really loved by the fans and some think he was wronged. Personally, I have made it clear I like Carmargo over JD, but I am also quick to point out if Camargo screws up. When he made that last error, I posted that when he gets the chance he needs to play. We have seen so many I year wonders pass thru ATL, just hard to get behind this guy especially when the front office screwed us not addressing the bullpen. JMHO
  3. Yeah, the Report needs to Stew for a few weeks before the "Impeachment" story drops. If he was more forthright, his announcement would overtake Mueller's findings in this "news cycle"
  4. I know I'm the best at what I do at UPS. They tell me all the time and I've done things no one else ever has. But I keep it quiet. Don't really like to talk.
  5. You d@mn right lol. I got knocked into a parked car one time. We used to play in yards with rocks in em too if we didn’t have a field close by. It definitely made a man out of you. Lol. I doubt a lot of guys even know what that game is. I bet my bottom dollar that’s what shaped freeman to run the way he does. Dangerous games we played as kids lol.
  6. Can't post the tweet cause I have no service in this office. "With the Falcons holding onto Brandon Fusco, I wonder if they will test out Jamon Brown at right tackle all this summer. He's got the length for it, played the position in college and dabbed a little bit there with the Rams before getting injured" Thoughts? I know i'm not sold on Ty at all. I'd be down for that competition if they don't grab one the first 2 rounds
  7. Huh?? Man literally got MVP votes despite only playing in 113 games. Do you know how incredibly difficult that is?
  8. Also, Nadler being justifiably cautious when it comes to impeachment. He handled those questions well.
  9. The Braves payroll is $20M less than it was last year. That's plenty of money to fix the bullpen!! Braves were just too cheap to do it. Has nothing to do with whether Donaldson is making $5 mill or $25M. You're *****ing about how much Donaldson is making just to have something to ***** about because Donaldson hasn't hit 10 homeruns already!
  10. Right, absolutely. The point is that the conspiracy/collusion issue brushed right up against the law. That’s nowhere near “no collusion”.
  11. It's not. He was left with a losing hand. Coppy's regime made idiotic decisions on a daily basis. Now, we have too many pitchers and no firm indication of which ones are best. It's kind of crazy to go out and get bullpen arms when you have this many young guys with upside, but there's a reason why I was angering so many people toward the end of spring training. I kept looking at our pitching and wanting to throw something. There were *maybe* four guys I felt good about, and one of those, Darren O'Day, was still injured. Two others, Winkler and Minter, seemed to have regressed, and now we've lost our most reliable guy, Vizzy. It's grim right now, but the thing about professional sports is that injuries mean opportunities. We very well might look back in a couple of years and be grateful that we had to throw some of these kids into the fire. Most of them will melt, but a few will develop iron wills.
  12. By and large, federal prosecutors do not **** around and do not indict unless they are confident in their chances of securing a conviction.
  13. Hold up so let me get this straight. None of y’all are confident at what you do for a living? None of you set goals? None of you KNOW you’re the sh*t at what you do? None of you ever talk about how you’re gonna kill a task? So it’s a bunch of scared individuals in life? But that’s also why many work jobs they don’t like and complain about it. I’ve always done EXACTLY what I wanted to do my entire life cause I’ve always been confident in ME and my abilities. My job is HARD to get into and you have to have loads of confidence and sometimes arrogance. The two are not that far apart. Not talking to you @ya_boi_j. Just the ones that talk scared talk. If I’m going to war I wanna go with guys that drip confidence.
  14. Like Wario said, comedy gold.
  15. Because you've lost your **** mind if you believe otherwise. There's no excuse for the **** job AA has done since being here, NO EXCUSE! That's not even my point, he grossly overpaid for guy who hasn't done **** in 2 years. There was probably no one even close to offering his *** 23 mil.
  16. That's perfectly clear to me. But continue doing your thing and I'll continue to look at the facts.
  17. In a report that has nothing, they've turned it into a treasure trove of Obstruction and a couple of dummies are still saying collusion...
  18. I have no faith in our SP.
  19. Why do folks believe that Josh Donaldson contract is the reason the Braves didn't sign any bullpen pitchers when those two things are not anywhere near connected?
  20. Ok then...................
  21. Throw up tackle made a man out of you. That **** got you ready for real life lol. If a guy couldn't handle that he **** sure wasn't gonna last in pads
  22. He came close looking at his watch after 7 minutes, sending a text to get him the h.ell out of there...Deez folks is cray cray
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