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  2. They're more likely to lose their seats if they're seen by their constituents as interested first and foremost in sparring with Trump, and they'd make a lot of enemies all through the party if it's perceived that they're fighting Trump at the detriment of the party, but they are going to be put in the middle of things, so I guess we'll see.
  3. Highway robbery
  4. Socialists need a villain. Their policies don't make sense on their own, because you can't target half the population in a revolution. Trump is basically a cartoon roadrunner at this point.
  5. Yup. Though tbf, I think this place turns on everybody but the Levine Toilolo's of the world
  6. Yup. I think it was you I told when we draft Takk this board would eventually turn on him.
  7. How is it possible that there are still 20 Democrat candidates for the next debate!?
  8. She is going to see something watered down as medicare for all. Her strategy is clearly about her winning in the short term.
  9. This is why it's smart to sign guys with 1 year left..that 1 year cheap can help water down the deal... adding signing bonus money to this year... a brilliant falcons friendly move
  10. I'm convinced the "squad" has as much vested interest in Trump getting reelected as Trump does. The more stupid stuff he says about the them the more relevant and powerful they become in the Democratic Party. In all likelihood they are the future of the left and they are willing to sacrifice the 2020 election to grab that power.
  11. Ahh, okay. This is all just a big misunderstanding. He was googling Brian Finneran, when he should've been googling Brian Finnerman
  12. I read your post wrong. Of course Grady was going to get more. Positional value at DT > MLB and Grady got paid in his franchise year vs a year earlier for Debo.
  13. We can't impeach him for racist tweets; we need to impeach him for Russia, and also him become a better leader.
  14. That's udderly ridiculous. I mean, pardon the expression, but holy cow.
  15. Since its the first game of the new season, im probably gonna treat it like the super bowl lol... Beer, wings, grill fired up.. Maybe overkill, but im so ready for football
  16. That’s so wild. I’m speechless
  17. Hey, @Sn4tteRBoxXeR, what's on MSNBC right now? They're not arguing over Pelosi siding with Republicans on impeachment proceedings by chance, are they? I'm kidding, I looked, these ******* badly want more Trump.
  18. So his deal really is like a 5 year 58.5 mil deal right... with this last year. So around 11.7 mil a year or something
  19. I’d say hopefully 1. If we don’t one in the next two years, chances are gonna be really bleak. Of course we still have to actually get there.
  20. What few polls he was included in showed he was polling better than a bunch of these candidates. Sad!
  21. He had the right idea
  22. Yeah... Only way I see that happening is if we miss on 2/3 of Washington, Gilbert, and Johnson. If we can get two, pretty sure we take them both. I don't agree with taking Large or Carr personally barring missing on all three of the above.
  23. I think 2 is par for the talent and expectations.
  24. Oh yeah, technically Favre was falcon drafted as well. So we got 3 lol.
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