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  2. Stop the run Run the ball.
  3. Been a fan since the 70s seen it many times. We were supposed to have it all together in 1981 and watched that all fall apart, same with 1999 when Jamal went down it tanked us, and the 2003 season when Vick broke his leg that tanked us. Or how about the time we had a chance to see Abraham, Kerney, Coleman on DL together but that group never really played a snap together due to injuries. Look this is the Falcons anytime we shore up one area of the team something bad happens. This team can try and prove me wrong but they never do. It's up to this team to go against franchise trends, people here shouldn't get all pissy just cause I point them out.
  4. He really isn't, not that good of a baserunner either. Someone posted a graph with average speed and he wasn't much faster than Freddie.
  5. Why should this matter to the falcons this upcoming season?
  6. We got exposed a bit (to say the least) last year. We thought all round depth was decent, but it wasn't. Very little pass rush consistently and for many games, we could stop no one. With the injury issues hopefully over, I firmly believe we will be better. But I see us as a playoff team, not a nailed on SB contender. Could happen, will have to see.
  7. You can always improve and get better, be it in sports or in life as a person. For some people, just one little tweak here or there and all the sudden the light comes on and it clicks. Let’s hope Tufant has 7 int’s in this His 7th year!
  8. Have Mad597 traded to some other team’s message board and forever band from ours!! Come on dude posting that is just wrong.
  9. If all of your aims came true, we'd easily win the Super Bowl. I agree with later posts about we can be fine if Freeman is average, but a dominant Hageman changes things immensely. It feels a while since we could keep running the ball and close a game out. Time will tell.
  10. How can they die if they are not real? Duh.
  11. Honestly in true Atlanta irony since we went through so much effort to get the OL improved I expect Ryan to get injured and miss games probably tanking our season. Its the Falcons way, a plan never comes together like expected and things always disappoint.
  12. $2 hot dogs at the MBS? Traffic leaving the Games? women wearing yoga pants who shouldn’t be wearing them at MBS half empty stadium when we play the bucs
  13. Bethpage black is too long of a course for Tiger now. 504+ yard par 4s are rare on golf courses. That can take a toll if an entire course is set up that way. Only the fittest golfers can tame a course like that and Koepka is proof of it. It is funny that you don’t hear Koepka name as far as domination goes except for majors for the most part. But I also believe Tiger wasn’t there mentally since this lawsuit popped up.
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  15. I haven’t dismissed anything. Catching isn’t a part of his game. He’s been working to improve his catching for YEARS. You can scream practice makes perfect until you die but if the guy hasn’t shown any improvement by now then why in the **** should I believe it’s going to get any better all of a sudden just because a few people say practice makes you better. Clearly practice has not made him any better at that one aspect and likely never will. You can hope for the best all you want but if it isn’t in you it just isn’t in you.
  16. The corruption of this entire administration makes you wonder what has happened to their respect of our constitution. They've made it a joke. We need to restore our principals, dump the outlaws, get back to what we used to stand for, either the voting booth or if enough R's speak out, then impeach.
  17. Lmao so I guess he should give up, stop trying... Find me one coach or player who would agree with the sentiment that you cannot improve a weakness in your game through studying and practicing. 1st year, 7th year, 13th year. That's what practice is for. He's 28, there's literally every chance in the world it can improve, however incremental that improvement might be, to completely dismiss this possibility is actually ridiculous.
  18. Starting to heat up. We need to win this thing.
  19. Too bad he didn't come to Atlanta to prove it with Matt Ryan.
  20. And just like that only 4 teams in the NL have more wins than the Braves. Only trail the second best record by 2 games.
  21. Lol matt is so awkward when it comes to's funny but i bet he was the happiest dude in atlanta somewhere he was like bout ******* time.
  22. I love the Senator. Solid against the run. I think he’ll develop some pass rush push.
  23. No there isn't. This is the most talented young core in baseball from what I have seen
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