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  2. I'm with you. I wouldn't let Quinn touch the roster if I'm canning him. Wouldn't be surprised if they give him another year... Depending on if the trade goes through
  3. Uuhhh did that guy die?
  4. Are we only playing 3 quarters?
  5. I can only hope Hillary can shut the **** up and go away by then. She will be an albatross around the nominee's neck, no matter who it is, if she doesn't.
  6. A defense cannot be fast and physical when the softest player on the team is making 13M, and essentially gave the coach a middle finger by skipping OTAs after the coach said he would be hands on with him. Have to pick an identity and there is no way Beasley should have played a snap with us after that. The softest player on the team pulls that stunt after you gave him a vote of confidence. Gotta go.
  7. If it's this dumb already I can't imagine what the general is going to be like.
  8. I can understand that, its just perspective
  9. I am aware, hence my quoted post. However, that also creates 5-6 additional holes to fill through free agency or the draft.
  10. Do you really think we can get that much ?
  11. Im not a Republican. Im a conservative on alot of issues but would be considered liberal on others.
  12. Don't mistake my criticisms of Tulsi as defenses of Clinton. Please do not make that mistake.
  13. We could easily part way with 5-6 guys and gain $20 mil in cap space.
  14. It is fully guaranteed, but I believe the game checks (his salary) are paid by the team that he plays the games for. Y'all paid the first six game checks and if y'all were to trade him, the team picking him up would pay his remaining game checks.
  15. This is as believable as Tulsi being a Russian asset, but it mIgHt Be TrUe.
  16. Tulsi, Hillary, Cernovich, etc. Every character in this story is a cancerous sack of ****.
  17. This post has zero logic to it
  18. South Carolina is a strange game. I know they just beat Georgia, but I feel like they could just flop at any time
  19. Hey at least he lasted longer than Shane Ray.
  20. Sanu makes sense since he is producing but he is 31 years old and we will not resign him next year. Better to get something and Hooper and Ridley could get more targets.
  21. lol Tulsi totally doesn't have nation state support
  22. Nobody said she's a foreign agent, but she has foreign agent backing. It's a vital distinction; one that I hope you can appreciate.
  23. Russ Wilson will really torch us next week probably.
  24. a woman was murdered by police in her own home and your only response is "raise your kids better" it's just racist garbage.
  25. Hey I hear that. I am a veteran myself, so it's something I value a lot. However, it's fairly small compared to other policy issues in the overall picture. All veterans are not created equal. There are many officers in the military who don't understand the value of life beyond numbers on a report and willfully make things insanely political, creating situations where life saving resources are not readily available just so they can put a bullet on their award submission about some inane "improvement" they made. It can be a great characteristic but it's best taken on a case by case basis with how the person actually embodies it.
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