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  2. Little is definitely interesting considering his skill set. Definitely can’t see the Hawks keeping all these draft picks!
  3. Chancellor was the same downhill box safety thumper. It’s exactly why Neal was drafted. Neither one of them is expected to be sideline to sideline. Neal also is shorter than Kam so his movement is better than Kam’s. The difference in that defense and the one here is the front 4. We got close in 2016 with Beasley and freeney on the edges. Ppl forget Brady dinked and dunked Seattle to death in the SB and Seattle made a bad decision in scoring position like we did in 16. I’m anxious to see a full session of Quinn calling the defense cause he’s an aggressive playcaller. He wants to stop you running and force you to throw. Especially if you fall behind. The only thing I can say is we’ll finally get to see the defense run right. For an entire season no less.
  4. Agreed. And as good as he was in Cleveland, his best play started in 2016. Like I said in a previous post, 2 more solid seasons puts him at Ring of Honor consideration.
  5. Well the DC’s have only been Smith and Manuel but you can def tell the difference when Quinn takes over. It’s like the difference you notice in Kyle calling plays vs sark calling plays. Same playbook so what’s the difference? The play caller. Quinn and Kyle have a better feel for the game. The eb and flow of the game. They call plays with a purpose. Not sark and Manuel weren’t good. They just didn’t have that extra umph that Quinn and Kyle have. They don’t foreshadow as well as well DQ and kS.
  6. The defensive game plan for the Rams playoff game was a work of art. I don't know how much Quinn had input but I would not be surprised if he orchestrated it. There is no doubt that the Pats borrowed some of it for their Super Bowl in February.
  7. It would have been better if there was an unenforceable law on the books that said you're not allowed to do what that sexual predator did.
  8. Quinn might have the mindset of “now or never” this season. Should be interesting at the very least
  9. From what I heard was UGA showed interest too late and he was already set to go to Clemson.
  10. Thank you brother. I think yesterday was the first time I mentioned it to anybody. I shared a post on FB yesterday from my daughter of a photo shoot they had.
  11. Doing it with multiple teams also helps. Shows he was diverse and not reliant on the players around him.
  12. He can be. He has probably been the top center of his era. I can't think of another off the top of my head. A ring will help him, as it does everyone else, but a lot of the time being the best at your position for the length of your career tends to help.
  13. Yeah. The thread is SUPPOSE TO be about Quinn vs Manuel's cover 3... To be honest, the defense has looked the same to me under Quinn his whole tenure no matter who the defensive coordinator has been. In the 3rd quarter they play a LOT of cover 3 and let teams just walk down the field on them. It works if you have superior athletes on defense that can rally to the ball in a hurry. Duke Riley has been a liability there and as much as I love Neal, he looks too top heavy and awkward to go sideline to sideline. He is more a downhill thumper than a sideline to sideline thumper like Kam Chancellor. Thats just my opinion...
  14. Another QB I shall not name could have helped UGA on the ‘fields’ in that department, but I don’t want to derail an already off the track thread
  15. He didn't just turn down more money, he voided his contract so he could leave CLE. Don't forget that.
  16. The FORMER top high school coach in Georgia, Rush Propst, said that Mark Richt would still be at Georgia had he recruited Watson. Whatever the reason he didn't go to Georgia, it was a huge lost for the program...
  17. The one weakness that Saban has always had is running quarterbacks. Lawrence can run the ball so they had to respect that. Watson ran over them. Manziel ran over them. With those matchups that Saban runs it will create running lanes that if he doesn't blitz, the offense can exploit. Its the ONE thing that Fromm needs to do more of in matchups against Bama. Take off and run a few plays just to try and keep Bama honest...
  18. Another question: is Mack a HOF player? I think he is on the fringe atm. I believe there are 9 Centers in the HOF. Two more good seasons and possibly a title and Mack should join the list
  19. How much Cap space would the Practice Squad amount to, once the season has begun?
  20. DJ is overrated to me. But that's just my opinion. I don't think he's better than Lawrence at all.
  21. Yeah DJ is a monster too. I knew UGA wouldn't get Trevor just because everything I was hearing. But once I saw Watson light it up his sophomore year at Gainesville I knew he was going to UGA. But they dropped the ball
  22. Thanks for ruining my lunch. It’s akin to Warren Buffett winning the Lottery
  23. Falcons could easily extend Mack now, give him a nice signing bonus, and reduce his cap hit by 3.5 to 4.5 mill for next season. TD did this same thing with Levitre. The cap savings we get if we lose Mack would be offset by whatever resources the Falcons would have to use to replace him. So unless Mack's play falls off a cliff, I can see him here for two more seasons no matter what his contract says. Especially with the new emphasis on fixing the O line.
  24. Lawrence? Heck, they got a committment from D.J. Uiagalelei who might be better than Lawrence AND Watson. They say his arm might be stronger than Lawrence and he can run with the same effectiveness of Lawrence and Watson. This brings up something else that bothers me. Clemson has been the program that Georgia SHOULD be and is trying to work toward. Clemson has THREE national titles since Georgia won it in 1980. TWO of those are a direct result of a quarterback they recruited from Georgia...
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