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  2. The real question is will Kirby admit his mistake and hire a real OC after the season.
  3. Imagine what Brees is going to do to us?
  4. The only way we lose those games to end the season and end up 4-12 is not playing Ryan and Julio at all. Would the league let us do that blatantly?
  5. Good chance if we lose either of the next 2 weeks at all, he is gone during entering Bye week. If we lose competitive games to Rams and Seahawks at home and go to does he stay?
  6. As opposed to the owner going on the air during the live broadcast of the game and saying that the Head Coach has told him that he's going to be there for the long haul.... only for said coach to show up on said network, less than 24 hours later, being hired as the Head Coach for a college and then doing a pig chant? Yeah... as far as embarrassments go this wouldn't even register.
  7. Different circumstances and what they did after getting fired.
  8. Oh, I would not be surprised at all to see Quinn last the entire season!!! Besides, that's been Blank's M.O. all wait until season's end to make a coaching change.
  9. I was just responding to the whole "if a guy gets fired then that means they suck" part. I don't want Raheem Morris either. I was just saying that guys have gotten fired and then had success at another job.
  10. Offense has shown some slight improvement lately. But the D and ST's continue to regress.
  11. At least Jerry Glanville embraced the ridiculousness of it all. One of my favorite plays ever is when we intercepted a pass in the playoffs to ice the game, and instead of taking a knee our defenders started lateraling the ball around trying to get it to Deion.
  12. Re: Browns But again, that’s my point. Intentionally losing bleeds into a team’s culture.
  13. Remember when Trump said that if he was President, Russian doesn't invade Crimea?
  14. Correct, but if Ish comes down does it let Campbell then play the RB outlet?
  15. What a thought! Going into the Aints game, after just firing our HC --- what an embarrassment that would be!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would be laughing their arsks off...
  16. Sounds like everyone is going to keep guessing each week to try and be right. Don’t be surprised if Quinn lasts the entire season
  17. Yes. it is fascinating especially considering all the levels the sport is played at and here the top 1% cant do it right . I would almost bet they tried pattern matching and they just didnt get it so they switched and now they are bots.
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