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  2. I don’t think I’ve played Tekken since Tekken Tag Tournament. I used to love that franchise though, I’d play it for hours with friends. I was like expert level with Lei and his different fighting styles. I just stopped playing them after that... for no reason really, guess I just lost interest in fighting games. I was kinda excited about the Tekken x Street Fighter crossover using the 3D Tekken engine. I know Capcom released the SF x Tekken crossover years ago. The Namco one has been delayed for like a decade. Seem to remember it resurfacing recently with news that it wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon. I haven’t bought a fighting game in a long time (except for Smash Bros) but I’d probably buy that game.
  3. I have maybe about 20 games I have started playing and then quit. No idea when I will get around to finishing them. And there are new games I want to get too. I think the next game I’m picking up is Fire Emblem on the Switch. Then Marvel Ultimate Alliance comes out soon after that I think. Wonder if the FF7 remake will be any good. Square Enix has been making some good games again so I’m kinda letting my hopes get up for it.
  4. I just don’t put much value into a video production playing on a theme of “change my mind” when it is entirely scripted by the host, who uses inflammatory setups like asking when is it ok to murder a baby as he puts printed materials onto the table. Like... that’s not trying to have a dialog, it’s just making propaganda for his grift. The only people who won’t see that are people who regularly watch his stuff, already completely agree with his position and enjoy seeing some pro choice rando stumble through the segment and get mad at him. I certainly appreciate when people can carry on a conversation and respectfully disagree. I just don’t really see how that’s what he’s going for in that video. He has an extreme stance on abortion to begin with anyway.
  5. This isn’t a Julio thread. It’s about the overall merits of OTA’s. Some here are saying they have no value to the team as a whole
  6. With the bigger, more powerful, more talented, more explosive, more mass OL and Blocking TE additions, our offense added another dimension. We now have the ability to control the LOS on offense in any game situation. We have seasoned, capable, offensive minds running the offense and working with all this talent now as opposed to a bright college coach that at times looked brilliant and at times looked like he was in over his head. Inconsistency was the result. We will still be quick strike and big play, but we now can give our defense a break on the bench if it needs a breather with some ball control. We can now shove the ball down the throat of a defense in short yardage and goalline. We have a big bruising RB now. How can anyone forget 4th and 2 at goalline failure against Eagles in 2017 playoffs? We are a more versatile team with a better OL. Ryan won’t be getting pounded on as much. No one is going to push us around anymore.
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  8. I feel better going into this year than I did last year specifically due to coaching.
  9. let's cut the fat here The point of this video is not to change that lady's mind It's to change the minds of the YOUTUBE VIEWERS
  10. Said it all off season it’s not on the field where the Falcons will make the biggest gains it’s off.If these coaches can make the correct decisions he’ll yes the Falcons have the talent no doubt in my mind. Coaches have to get there **** together and come to the party.
  11. Run pass %s mean nothing to me what I want us to do is be aggressive with one or the other and don’t stop being aggressive.Absolutely beat teams to death with whatever is working that day.
  12. It says right in the article you posted "There’s so many positive things that could come out of it in terms of development of young players, helping to really make sure these guys are learning the game and getting them ready for their opportunity,” This is great for most players. But it doesn't help much when you're too 3 in your position. You KNOW Julio is working on himself SOMEWHERE
  13. Balance isn’t as simple as 50/50 run vs pass, it’s about keeping the defense off balance. Mike Leech talked about this a lot about even the difference of a 0-10 yard pass and a 15-25 yard pass and how the coverage shifts and how the linebackers need to adjust. You can be a 60/40 pass/run team and still be balanced, if the passing attack you have is unpredictable. In 2016 we were 58% pass, but I don’t think anyone would say we weren’t balanced, it’s because it was unpredictable, and more importantly, it worked. In 2017 we were 56% pass but felt less balanced because Sark’s first year the play calling seemed much more predictable. Last year was 65% pass and it wasn’t by choice, teams knew we couldn’t run the ball if we wanted to.
  14. We have OTA’s because they determine the chemistry that a WR has with his QB. They determine if the players know the playbook or not. They determine that the rookies have successful careers or not. Julio is really being an arrogant moron. If he were at OTA’s, the falcons would be a lock to win the next 3 Super Bowls. Minimum
  15. I don’t want more runs than passes, only Seattle did that last year in the entire league, but I do think somewhere in the 55-60% pass sounds much better than the 65.25% we ran last year, which was third highest behind Green Bay and Pittsburgh.
  16. I enjoyed the Giants feed Thursday.
  17. The dialogue doesn’t have to have to end in someone deciding to change sides. I think that both sides of the debate are fat with people who misunderstand and misrepresent the opposing view. Issues like abortion and gun control are extremely contentious and sometimes it is hard to attribute the best intentions in your opponent. IMO, respectful disagreement is imperative. Otherwise the logical conclusion is eventually violence.
  18. Lol the insistance of 2012 while cherry picking articles from the net, which also contradict his argument, is almost admirable. In the NFL, the age old cliche is follow the money. Once players start getting paid for OTAs, I will think about saying it provides any value to veterans or any kind of import. If OTAs were so important, the players would be paid to be there. They aren't. They aren't even paid the pittance they make in per diem during training camp. We can't follow the money because there is no money...oh wait...except for the franchises as their guys running around in shells and nothing else, while going against air or coaches, get to wear that fancy sponsor patch on their jersey that the sponsor paid so much for. Players no money. Franchises money. Hrmmmmm...I wonder why we have OTAs...and more importantly why it's becoming more and more commonplace to miss... And don't give me **** about coaches. These dudes work 20 hour days. They would rather spend time in the office watching tape than being with their own families. They don't sleep. They are literally obsessed. If they had their way, there would be no offseason. Maybe coaches aren't the best moral or practical gauge here...
  19. Well... At this point, he would have to deal with her husband who is about the same size as him and likes guns!
  20. This is a very Texas headline and Darwin reward nominees
  21. My bad....I thought you were saying that OTAs were more important than 10 sacs. Thinking about Vic, Takk, Jarret, and Hageman out there on the line has got me excited. I hope they all feast this season. Wish I could post some Vic highlights to boost the morale around
  22. So before everyone trips out that didn't read why he put us 6th he actually only did it because of Winston and Newton. He called Winston one of the worst starters in the league and says he doesn't really trust Cam to be healthy and draftnig grier in round 3 was smart and the right move and telling. He said he 100% loved Ryan as a QB and loved us taking 2 Lineman to protect him nothing at all said bad about Ryan. Also said he knows Brees will be Brees and do really well as always. So Ryan and Brees he loves and it;s the other 2 QB's who made us 6th.
  23. Fwiw he looks to be the fastest guy on the field and this is 6A... He doesn't have impressive track times (mid 11s 100M), so probably not going to set a blazing 40 time, but his playing speed is impressive.
  24. I’m serious. He will get after the qb this year
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