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  2. "For Atlanta, the options are varied." Love that quote. And that's just how it's going to play out tonight!
  3. Nobody hates to see our picks leave more than I do.. But in this case.. I'm very very happy to think we are getting what I think it the most sure fire DT in this draft,, JMO,, But this man will be a difference maker...
  4. Kim jon un meets with Putin and presents him with a gold sword.
  5. I can't either. DQ is constantly talking about proper tackling technique and fast and physical - Greedy doesn't fit that mantra.
  6. this. TD feeding bull to the media making them think who they are taking.
  7. He's such a weenie against the run. I like aspects of his game, and he's an insane talent, but I just can't see it.
  8. He'd be a solid pick, but I wouldn't surrender picks for his services.
  9. smokey, smoke, smoke. TD is watching this, smiling to himself like Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln commercial, and sipping a martini with an extra OLIVEr.
  10. Monster are taking a beating in here today. It may be time to
  11. I'd love having Bush here tbh. I like him better than White. Foye is good but he's better suited to being strong depth than "the guy" at this point. Bush and Debo has the potential to be a Davis/Kuechly esque combo. After Bush and White, I don't really like anyone till Vosean Joseph (3rd) and Blake Cashman (4th), and they're not on the same level.
  12. I love him, but I think we have other bigger needs. But if we're trading up for someone I´d rather get him than Wilkins
  13. Seems like quite a weak LB class once Bush and White are off the board
  14. Change of scenery could do him some good. Not horribly expensive for the three years we could have him for (minimum). Can't imagine how much that hurt tbh. Losing family is hard, suicide is hard. Losing your sister to it must have been horrible.
  15. I wanted Ridley the whole time, i popped bottles when his name was called. As you should recall most the boards thought for a fact that Bryan or Payne were the pick and Bryan was even available. And i dont want a DT this year either in rd 1. Crazy what you turned my one little true comment into. Oh taft, hasnt changed!
  16. Felt bad for Dansby last night. He crushed a couple of balls down the 3rd base line with runners in scoring position. Was 0-5 but was not really a true story.
  17. He's lined up as a DE several times. If you don't believe it go back and watch. Dude also played DE and RB before finishing his college career as a linebacker so there's that
  18. This stuff is reminding me more and more of Charles Harris in 2017. Not in terms of player ability - Wilkins is much more talented, and easily a safer pick - but these boards were CONVINCED Harris was our guy and all the smoke on draft Twitter pointed to him being our guy. We're getting something out of left field y'all. No one thought we'd take Takk. Starting to think we might want Rashan Gary tbh, and I haven't been a big fan of his at all, so there isn't an agenda there. Could be Devin Bush too.
  19. On second/third and short, I would not want to run against a line with Crawford, Hageman, Lawrence and Takk. I'd try to pass every time.
  20. Quadree Ollison RB Jimmy Moreland CB Maxx Crosby if he drops DE George Aston FB Jalen Hurd WR Jordan Taamu QB Khalil Hodge if he drops LB
  21. Yeah I really like Vosean too however I think someone will snag him in the late 2nd so we would still need to move up for him. Not many good WILL and SAM prospects in this draft that can contribute early.
  22. He is a part time player for the Niners. KS said he has to earn more reps. Though I had forgotten about his sisters suicide. I’m sure that effected him this year. He is better suited for the interior. I would take him for 3 million
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