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  2. Offenses win games but defenses win championships. You know what the problem is with most of these defenses? Defensive coordinators are trying to excel at stopping everything. Its VERY hard to do that, especially with the way these new offenses are spreading the field horizontally with formations and routes. If I was a defensive coordinator I would concentrate on old school stopping the run first. If I can stop you from running then I can force you to have to attack me with the pass. I have the advantage because I know in most situations whether you are passing or running the ball. This starts with me building my defense the right way, INSIDE OUT. My best players on defense will be: 1. Free Safety. I want a super cover guy who can cover sideline to sideline. 2. Strong Safety. Big time hitter, cover skills optional. 3. Middle Linebacker. BIG, fast and big hitter. cover skills optional. 4. Defensive tackles. I want two BIG studs who can tie up two linemen. 5. Cornerbacks. Super cover guys. Tackling is optional. In my defense, they can't cover but they will make YOU not want to run routes. Alligator arms. It will feature a ton of blitzs and be super aggressive. We will beat you with aggression, not scheme. We will give up a big play on one down and make you drop the ball on the next. It will feature a lot of cover 1 with blitzs like the cover 1 dog. This would be my base defensive style...
  3. Don’t trade him to the ******* patriots.
  4. Who would be our slot receiver then Gage. Rather keep him
  5. All that superbowl window closing stuff.. it closed after 2016. At least for this team and this front office.
  6. Patriots, Packers, Eagles, bears, and Niners are listed on there.
  7. i still dont understand why this team shouldnt, if you really want to make Calvin Ridley the other receiver then he needs more opportunities
  8. I am hoping a better coach and better coverage will help elevate his game, I am not ready to give up on the kid.
  9. Look I get the Minnesota and Indy losses, I get the Texans loss, but the two gotta have wins that I just cant figure out are Arizona and Tennesee, we win those two and this whole message board changes. 3-3 is lot easier to handle than 1-5, how in the world did we lose to Tennessee?
  10. Well incarcerated bob has a pretty decent following. I’ll stay open minded on this one
  11. Yes . . . but not an improper quid pro quo. In fact, it reinforces what I said earlier about Soundland. He said there is nothing wrong with diplomacy that requires cleaning up corruption with aid or benefits from the US. That's all Mulvaney was admitting to: Cleaning up their corruption. He did not admit to linking dirt on Biden with the quid pro quo. OF course, the transcript of the phone call does a pretty **** good job of that.
  12. Yeah. I don’t think TD and DQ can do well in draft. After multiple first round picks in DQ era, we still don’t have legit pass rusher.
  13. Not with this trash. Mike Nolan couldn’t do it in 2013 and 2014. BB and pats won’t be going to season like this. BB gets players who fit his system and play to their strengths.
  14. Id stop putting takk in that group of great young defenders to build around. I held out hope, but he has lost the mental game of the NFL. Been *** since about week 6 of last year.
  15. We would be so bored because there wouldn't be any I told you so threads
  16. Not sure how credible this is but IB @incarceratedbob · 3h Falcons (WR) Sanu is hot name on trade market.. 5 teams currently pursuing
  17. With a competent defense we would probably be 5-1 and the narrative around this place would be flipped on it's head.
  18. This is an amazing read... One of the best posts this year to me. I knew the 2nd and 3rd levels were really struggling. This puts everything into perspective. I really feel like we should invest in Dan Quinn long term but I don’t know if this fan base can handle it. Dan has drafted some good defensive pieces and has been able to get the most out of a few of them but he needs a longer tenure to mold it to what he see fits. TD in my opinion has need to go but they may end up being a package deal.
  19. Winning football games brings excitement too. Which entails getting those things you mentioned. It boggles my mind that people think getting rid of MR2 will fix this franchises problems. With a competent defense Matt is in the MVP discussion right now
  20. Tru not ready means more Sheffield. Works for me. Like his game. Hope they let Gono get some run at LG. Don't know what the deal is.
  21. Yeah those were one dimensional teams of course they would be low against scoring when they are repeatedly on the field. They were also #5, #8, #11, #6, and #19 in yards given up. Dairy Queen only managed one top 10 defense in yards and he had a juggernaut offense. Give Rex this offense and he might win a chip.
  22. Lol my bad. I was talking about 2021, and thought he was born in 1984. 1 year off. Simple mistake.
  23. It’s always been nonsense. Lol
  24. You know what would bring excitement? A competent defense to pair with the competent offense. Competent coaching. Winning. All those would bring excitement and much more value than Tua.
  25. A defensive mastermind can hide the deficiencies of a defense though. The Pats have done it for years. Fangio did it with the Bears. So it’s not impossible or out of the realm of possibility. Every draft pick is a project though. Some more than others, it’s all a crap shoot. You build through the draft, patch through FA. As of right now I think there needs to be a clean sweep through the entire organization.
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