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  2. I would like for him to list the rights that have been taken from him. He will admit it’s just his ability to discriminate
  3. Highly doubt it.
  4. I think that brush bristle moved down my esophagus.
  5. But DQ got all the credit for personnel decisions here on TATF. TD was always a bum, but Falcons did well because of DQ. I want both of them gone..
  6. What went wrong is what went wrong with Smitty, same exact to the T process. Anyone remember the year before Smitty was fired they hired a coach to help him manage the clock, same thing with Quinn. Anyone remember when Smitty was hired he said he wanted to build a run first team the resembeled the Baltimore Ravens, yet the year he was fired Koetter was running the offense and it was a pass first offense. In come Quinn a younger d-line coach with a defensive back ground just like Smitty, repeat same process. Smitty came in with no coaching staff, Quinn came in with no coaching staff. McKay is hiring people around these jr. level coaches and McKay and all his OLD Tampa Bay cronnies need to be kicked out. If Blank would fire McKay, Ruston Webster, Steve Sabo, Joel Collier, TD, and Phil Emry and hire Ed Dodds and let hm rebuild the coaching staff and scouting department, I guarantee you we will be in the Super Bowl in three years. McKay hired Koetter, McKay hired TD, McKay hired Webster, McKay brought in Phil Emry, the whole Falcons front office oozes of OLD former fired GMs and light weight scouts. We need new direction up top. Blank needs to do what a owner needs to do and put friendship aside. What's going to happen is the Falcons are going to fire Quinn, fire TD, go hire some light weight GM that McKay can control and then they will go hire some light weight coach that doesn't come in with his own people and repeat the process and we as fans will be going thru all of this again in four or five years.
  7. I know what happened. KS left the building in 2016... It started going downhill. The injuries last year were red herring and masked the problems on D. Every one assumed it was injuries, it turns out this D had bigger problems.
  8. Well if the Dawgs are going to stick to their wearing teams down on offense and not at least try to exploit another teams weakness and get the matchups that favor us, we will lose to Florida. Florida is going to attack us exactly like sc and kent. did defensively.
  9. No country for old rednecks.
  10. Hunted by a pack of wolves..
  11. I am in complete agreement w most of this. That’s the reason I’ve said we need to instill a professional philosophy top to bottom that believes anything less than a Lombardi on our shelves is a “total failure” more being happy to have a few stars and to have “played a good season and even won a playoff game or we got to SB......but it just wasn’t our year”.......,you evaluate mercilessly w no personal attachment and one goal top to bottom.....”take it to the field and MAKE IT OUR SEASON”.......when you get to big game.....“GO OUT THERE AND TAKE IT FROM BRADY AND PATS”. Anything else is really more of same ole loserville mentality we’ve had since ‘66.
  12. Per Rusty, Gilbert was in contact with 3 teams yesterday: Bama, UGA and LSU. He is to let each school know of his decision, shortly before announcing. Based on the lead Bama has maintained for months, Rusty (and everyone else), has him committing there, but said that both UGA and LSU were really in it, too. Now let’s go secure 2 of DW, TJ, or MH and then grab Gibbs as our second back!
  13. This one is not so funny but she sounds better than most ESPN reporters.
  14. Not offended here either. Might seem silly to post it to you but I stand by my decision. I would do it again.
  15. Mike Mcdaniel I would def kick the tires on. He is Shanny's run game coordinator, so the interview would have to verify he can handle the full OC load. PS we aren't keeping Dirks playbook. This is a 4 verts offense and you can see it on the field. DQ saying we kept the same offense is a lie.
  16. Yep. BB is detailed and you won’t hear loud music playing, only voice of the coach and players.
  17. Heart aches. RIP
  18. I think there is a huge difference between a fan base getting their panties in a wad over play calling and how a HC sees things. If it’s execution, which seems to be part of the problem, that’s not on the OC. I would love to open things up and I think Kirby would too, but at the same time, he is also fine with wearing down teams and winning in the 2nd half.
  19. This has been my suspicion as well. These were what at the time was prbly considered “safe hires” but in reality, as many have stated, they were nothing but retreads and the Falcons have been this years charity program for the jobless line.
  20. And this is what destroyed the Falcons this year. Beasley and others playing poorly , aren't held accountable. Same sheet happened last year with Richards and Riley. This coaching staff is way too slow to react to poor play and bad players are allowed to stay on the field too long. Heck Beasley not only stayed, he was rewarded with big money to be a nothing.
  21. I really hope that’s the GOP’s defense, because it’s weak as ****.
  22. A powerful amount of stupidity.
  23. What y'all talking about we about to run off 9 straight. Quinn and his band of misfits are about to make us all look stupid. Schaub is going to torch the Seahawks for 400+ yards and 4 TDs and there will be a QB controversy on this board this time next week. VB is going to record three sacks this weekend and in the Post Game news conference tell everyone he watched a old Lawrence Taylor video on 30 for 30 on ESPN and realized that you were actually supposed to go TOWARDS the QB when you rush from the DE position. Devonte Freeman is going to average 120+ yards rushing the next 9 games as his o-line starts to snort a pound of 8 ball before the game and actually start to move with some desire. It's all turning around this weekend don't let all this Fake news fool you. Oh yea and our scouting department even though they all come from poor organizations are going to get a A++ in next years draft as they suddenly realize they all don't work for a small market loser teams like Cleveland, Detroit, Washington and Tampa Bay anymore.
  24. BPA in reality isn't "Jerry Jeudy is our highest ranked player therefore we must select him" at #4. Typically teams split each round into tiers, and value players within those tiers. As an example they may have a top 10 grade on a number of prospects and anyone of those could be considered BPA.
  25. Our DL shall henceforth be known as “Sackless But Paid”
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