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  2. I haven't watched enough of the series but I've seen people mentioning the Nats just went heavy fastball and the Cards have been helpless.
  3. Rex Ryan got a head coaching job after the disaster that was the Jets. If Quinn is indeed fired then he will have other chances to be a HC or DC.
  4. People like gazoo?
  5. I wanna feel good about it.. but it’s the gnats..
  6. You are literally the only person I do this with. You have an issue with every opinion of mine, that's my point. This one is a prime example. My original response was about him starting again, you come at me about it then settle on platoon guy. I tell you why he isn't good, nothing I said was a lie yet the best you can come up with is "blind hate" which is a pretty lazy and incorrect argument to make. I'm done though, enjoy not realizing that you aren't perfect and that you can sometimes be just as much of a problem as the people you call "trolls".
  7. Man, you've got the bedside manner of Dr. Mengele.
  8. Yeah.
  9. Ramsey will soon become the highest paid corner in the league. Not sure if they can afford him long term. Rams have been giving away high picks for the past few seasons which means they have to win now because they will eventually have holes that will be more difficult to fill without those picks. Rams already need an o-line to protect their newly paid QB and open lanes for their high priced RB.
  10. 7-0 Nationals over the Cardinals in the 1st inning. Karma's a ***** and I ain't shedding one tear on their behalf.
  11. How did the Braves lose to these scrubs? Chokers.
  12. This thread depresses me just suggesting Quinn could be back. It's been a long time since I pulled for the Falcons to lose, and that was just so the Clampetts would have no choice but to fire June Jones. I prefer not to do that again.
  13. Or Shanny.
  14. In a rookie cap era, they not only gave up two cheaper first round rookies but will have to pay Ramsey loads of money. As much as Julio was worth every draft pick, the 2011,2012 drafts had impact on 2013 and 2014 roster especially to replace aging vets. Rams are in win now mode. i would give this to a premier pass rusher who can disrupt the QB.
  15. I’ve known both nearly two decades. They get a bit rough about things, but they both have an eye. The wave of the board gives both men a negative slant. Would people like gazoo as much if he were negative in his assessments? Never mind. See your PM
  16. Gimme one or two more for good measure.
  17. 7-0 Nats in the 1st. It seriously is a reversal.
  18. How does it feel St Louie?
  19. Instead of viewing it as an issue with you, why don’t you view it as an issue with that opinion? and seriously? Demean anyone who doesn’t agree with me? Pot meet kettle?
  20. It’s well connected buddy system. Pete owes one to DQ on Hiting Sark. If not on asEA he will join some of Pete’s buddies in college.
  21. I'm not pissy. I made a simple comment and you didn't understand it so instead trying to comprehend you just act like a ****. You're honestly not worth me trying to hold your hand through it so I'll just stop talking to you instead.
  22. Nats hung 5 on Hudson in the first. Cards bringing in Wainwright with 1 out in the first. Already 5-0, Nats clinching the NL tonight.
  23. Takk sux. All talk no action
  24. He was getting PAID for it
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