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  2. He is good but thats it.hes responsible for half of matt ints the last 3 years with drops and runnig wrong route s
  3. He a big boy. When he hungry then he got to eat whether it is a hot dog or a baseball bat
  4. Maybe. But I'm older. I remember the "liberal" media being at the front of the line to bang the drums of war. CNN loves the ratings of a good war more than they hate a conservative president. The next time they oppose a foreign intervention will be the first time.
  5. Eh, can't stand him.
  6. Riley just took a bite out of his bat....
  7. He’s legit good. So good that people are starting to like him.
  8. Random, but I actually like A-Rod calling these games
  9. Which is why anyone who says, "HoW CaN wE aFfOrD tHaT?!" when talking about healthcare or education should immediately be hit over the head with a tack hammer.
  10. I dunno. I'm only 29 but I'm feeling alot more general cynicism about all this nonsense than I remember 15ish years ago. It's kinda also the most anti war I can ever remember certain pockets of the rightwing media bubble ever publicly being, even if it's more or less just a by product of their cultural isolationism (but that's a low bar considering one of my earliest political memories is "freedom fries"). Probably just being optimist, but I really do think politicans might not be able to expect the same approval boosts thier predecessors always got... then again I bet our parents said that same thing after Vietnam
  11. Ryan has thrown to another great named Gonzalez as well as a highly underrated receiver named White. Julio has now exceeded White but Ryan was definitely on a great path before him.
  12. Pressure the QB and have a solid DL, and your CBs don't have to be superstars.
  13. Freeman asks, "Do you even sprint, Bro?"
  14. Freeman's speed is a true difference maker.
  15. And that, youth baseball players, is why you ALWAYS run it out.
  16. That's why you run balls out Donaldson.
  17. We’ve spent a billion dollars A DAY for the past 18 years on the “war on terror.” Can you even imagine the utopia this country could be if we spent that domestically?
  18. He's right, you know lol. I don't think it's fair to say that Julio coming into the league bumped Ryan from very good to Hall of fame caliber though. Obviously Julio helps but he was only in the league 3 years, that's just a natural progression. They make each other better but they would both be great without the other.
  19. Nightmare fuel!
  20. My man. I’m sure it was worth the money. Happy for ya.
  21. I didn't do any fishing, but the son in law and the grand daughter did. The best part of the whole trip was the tour boat ride, we quit even trying to count the alligators. Had all my kids and grand kids along, spent a lot of their inheritance, but it was fun for me
  22. That was a nice job by Webb, but this is me every time we make a call to the bullpen:
  23. JD gonna hit one to Toronto
  24. I heard you the 1st time. I guess I'll be the bigger man since I am anyhow.
  25. Webb carved em up!
  26. No game tomorrow. Keep Webb in for the 10th unless we need a PH
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