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  2. I don't think you move that far up in this draft. Maybe to #5 or #6 but no higher. AND if you made any of those moves; you pretty much are going all in for a SB draft style. Should've won 2 with Julio already... If that gave us a level of DL we haven't seen since DQ has been here and as long as the OL plans so far pan out? Yeah, I might do it. Sure, it places a LOT of stress on nailing your 4th and 5th round picks remaining; in the proposed scenario. However, it's all about the risk/reward. We'd all probably be good if it got us a pass rush/LOS overhaul that netted a maximized window. Given the defenders coming due, we need to make things count now and also draft well. You might be more mediocre / average D again if you sit and those picks don't turn out as dynamic or ever produce compared to the ceiling of QW or EO. If they move up for a top 10 pick, it'll still signal they want their guy. I like it. If it's egregious of a move it's SB trophy or bust. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean you win the SB with that player doing well but that'd be the goal. I think there is certainly a cut off and I'd still be shocked if we moved into the Top 5. Slots 6-10 I'll buy that as more of a palatable range as a fan.
  3. Yeah, we were bad stopping the run as well as running it. But Denver had problems there too (4.5 YPC against them).....KC/NE/Rams all ran the ball well while giving up 5.0 YPC defensively, so not being able to stop the run doesn’t correlate to not being able to run the ball yourself . My point is Lindsay overcame greater odds to have a break-out season, it’s not like Ito didn’t have his opportunities to do the same. Doesn’t mean Ito can’t fill a role here.
  4. It’s funny that you say this because I recall both of my daughters enjoying basketball the most when they were very little then nothing for years although my oldest had a brief following of Lebron James second stint at Cleveland. They’re now pretty good Braves fans now. Taking them to the games helped. They like the Falcons when they’re good lol and always root for Alabama football. The Braves are a close second though.
  5. Hanley Ramirez
  6. At the empty wins..
  7. I think you’ll get the same take from the scouts. Like CTanns post alludes to some of those stats aren’t going to do Lawrence justice.Moving the pocket is a big thing and Lawrence’s length is a real telling sign here. If any of you noticed the pro-day footage. Watch the drill where Wilkins and Lawrence are pushing the pad with the guy wearing the breast pad you notice when Wilkins explodes into the bag the guy with the pad can still get hands on Wilkins.When Lawrence does the above mentioned the length of Lawrence comes to play he shoots his hands with his leverage the coach wearing the breast pad can’t get a hand on Lawrence meaning Lawrence owns and has complete control of his opponent. Then go back and look at Clemson game film on passing downs Lawrence lined up at 0 head up over the C it’s game over just about every down I saw Lawrence controlled his man either shed him or drove him where he wanted and moved the pocket and effected the play. Length peeps Length throw in leverage at 340 lol game over.36 reps on the bench with 35’ long arms. This is what bought me around about Lawrence.
  8. My young’n is only 16 months, Baseball hasn’t quite caught her attention yet. Of all sports, she seems to enjoy basketball, probably because of the constant moving. She did smile and clap when I yelled touchdown Julio later in the season last year... progress.
  9. I have to stream them but had it on while I was playing MLB The Show like every night.
  10. I remember those years. My youngest daughter came out of the other room during the sixth inning to tell me how much smarter she was than her older sis and her Mom at DVD clue. Ordinarily I would have taken a break and joined them but I was still talking with my Father at this point.
  11. I really don't drink sodas either...but when i do it is either a Dr Pepper or an A&W root beer
  12. How does an OL worse than the Falcons have the 5th best rush offense in the league in terms of DVOA? Lindsay was just that good carrying Keenum and that OL? I guess. /Purple
  13. Their defense could actually get off the field tho. Teams averaged 5.0 ypc against us last year. You cant have a running game when your offense can't get on the field. We were 30th In the nfl in average time per drive for the defense.
  14. Honestly I just don’t see it we can still get what we need by staying pat. Sure it’s elite talent your going for but too me it feels like it’s all in when in all we don’t need to do that. I mean if we got say one of those OTs and a Lawrence or Wilkins by moving back in the first I think team building wise I think we’d be better off doing that from a team stand point.
  15. Hopefully this is the game that gets Shane Carle's season turned around so he can be the guy he was last year!!
  16. Not gonna lie. The more you hate it, the more I hope we do it.
  17. Friendly is still only April. We are still 3 months away from the all star break so everyone freaking out over really 2 bad innings need to chill.
  18. I switched from the game to Disney channel for the kiddo but often pulled up the stream from fox sports go on my phone.
  19. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of a sudden the Jets are interested in Oliver. The other 31 teams must really be sold on Falcons wanting Oliver.
  20. For me is Lawrence or Wilkins at 14... I trust Dabo he said grady was the best piece on his defense the year we drafted him.. so I really trust him.. for me its going to go DT, CB then OT... that is the way i see It..
  21. I wonder how many actually stayed on this game. I’m at my parents so I stayed up after they went to bed. I was like might as well ride it out.
  22. Should Falcons fly up to No. 3 to get Williams or Oliver? Atlanta Falcons Blog By D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Like death and taxes, one thing is certain about the coming NFL draft, which is set for Thursday through Saturday in Nashville. Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff is going to make a trade. He’s made at least one trade in each of his past 10 drafts. His biggest deal was the one when he jetted up 21 spots from 27 to 6 to get in position to draft wide receiver Julio Jones. The Jets, who need a pass rusher, are trying to dump the third pick in the draft, according to a report by highly respected New York writer Ralph Vacchiano. Here’s what he wrote: “According to multiple NFL sources, the Jets seem "determined" to trade down in the first round of the NFL Draft, which begins on Thursday in Nashville. Jets GM Mike Maccagnan has made it clear several times that he's "open" to the idea, though he may be downplaying just how open to it he actually is. "They seem to really, really want to move down," said one NFL executive. "Maybe they're just keeping their options open, but it sure seems like that No. 3 pick is for sale." If the Falcons move up to No. 3, they could add Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams or Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver. On the draft trade value chart, the Jets pick is worth 2,200 points. The Falcons’ pick is worth 1,110 points. The Falcons would have to swap their first, second, third and next year’s second to make up the 1,100 points. They would leave the Falcons with two fourth-round picks, two fifths, sixth and a seventh. “I think 14 is a really great place to be,” Dimitroff said Thursday. “I think it gives you opportunities (to move) up and down. Last year, we were dabbling into discussions right in the middle of the round. It’s kind of a ripe place for discussion. You’re giving away a lot to move up in to the tens, the top 10 for sure.” Would that be worth it to get Williams or Oliver?
  23. Me too!!! Braves lost 2 of them and won the other!!
  24. I just hurt my hand from slamming it down on my desk in celebration!! That's gonna be a 10-day IL stint for me!
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