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  2. Ha- I’d give up a first to get rid of Vic....he’s the worse rated edge player in the NFL - proven
  3. Assuming you're 100% right, you should be just as outraged that Spanky, the Very Stable Genius was investigated and found to have tried to obstruct justice but only failed because none of his underlings was as corrupt as he is. But you don't care about crime or corruption unless it's on the other side of the aisle. Admit it.
  4. Gotta have the talent. I like the work, but I can run spreadsheets on everything weekly. Doesn't mean you should stand me in front of JJ Watt and expect good things to happen.
  5. There has to be a public hunger for any story to remain longer than any one news cycle. I suppose they could force feed us a responsible agenda but besides being uninteresting to thier bank accounts it would sort of play into the conservative talk radio narrative of the mainstream media being this hive minded conglomerate of thought control. But I don't have any answers. For some reason the guy who heads the most powerful goverment in the world with nukes and a decent amount of monetary and legislative control making vague threats about his enemies (be they political or a freaking sketch show well past its prime) and can't go a week without pondering aloud something that would be constitutionally disastrous, can't....could in fact never... possibly be covered enough by the media while at the same time most of that self same coverage is as impractical as it is pointless
  6. The defense looks crappy. 9-7 of something isn’t done
  7. You shouldn’t be that average if you want credit
  8. Here are what I would think are the projected starters and their primary back ups as of now. Which unit looks the most suspect to yall? QB - Ryan, Schaub WR - Julio, Blake FL - Ridley, Gage SR - Sanu, Hardy RB - Free, Ito FB, Ortiz, Hill TE - Hoop, Stocker LT - Bloodline, Wentzel LG - Carpenter, Wes OC - Mack, No One RG - Fusco, Brown RT - Ty, Gono RDE - Takk, Clayborn NT - Davison, Senat DT - Grady, Crawford LDE - Beasley, Means WLB - Foye, Grace MLB - Debo, Duke SLB - Campbell, Carter RCB - Oliver, No one NB - Kazee, Calhoun FS - Rico, Cooper SS - Neal, Neasman LCB - Tru, Blidi The shakiest starting positions are RCB, RG and RT. Biggest back up hole is OC. The needs based Top 3 are: 1. RG/RT - Cody Ford 2. OC/RG - Elgton Jenkins 3. RCB - Isaiah Johnson
  9. You should read the facts on how the Obama admin actually obstructed justice concerning Holder
  10. You can't expect the media to cover things like that. I mean there are only so many hours in a day to talk about Trump's tweets.
  11. Almost the entirety of our government is now headed by (often unqualified if politically connected) energy lobbyists and the like and there's just no breathing room to even take any notice of it, let alone reciprocal outrage or public pressure
  12. Trump has taken the traditional 4th estate role of the press (a role that was specifically designed with something like this administration in mind) given it so much to slop to gorge itself on and indulge bad habits it had been developing more than a decade, that it can barely move anymore. It shouldn't be possible to show the watchdog so many open targets that not only do we get a diminishing returns but actually turn it into an advantage yet here we are
  13. Well, he could give up Beasley and 3 firsts....
  14. saying there is 7-10 starting Day 1 OL in this draft is saying something. We could take a RT in the 2nd and start him. Tytus Howard I'm thinking
  15. Nice to know how things work when the Attorney General is the president’s “wingman” and the president is the Attorney General’s “guy.” Yeah, too bad there wasn't a Republican president to follow up Obama who was champing at the bit to do anything he could to ruin Obama's legacy. If only there was such a turd guy and he had his own attorney general, they could reopen the case. If there was a case to reopen. Stop being such a hack. FTR: Reputable sources don't use words like "criminally stupid" in their accounts, so thanks for sharing something from the right wing sphincter that sources your news.
  16. Whatever it takes. Dude would transform our defense as much as.Julio did our offense. Absolute day one stud.
  17. Read actual facts about Fast and Furious before you repeat refuted talking points that prove you to be wrong.
  18. It's in ATL this time. We gonna kick their a$$ badly.
  19. Its the textbook definition of codependency. The media hates Trump, but they need Trump. Trump hates the media, but he needs the media.
  20. I feel like you can say that about infinite stories these past three years. Like if 2019 America could tell 2015/2016 maybe even 2017, America about the **** we know now about a sitting presient of the United States heads would explode Scanners style. As I keep saying we're in this weird position where the more we get fatigued and exhausted by it all, the more the bar gets lowered (i mean an internal investigation just concluded that aides had to stop the president from comitting crimes, might not have even 100% succeeded at actually doing so and yet that self same president is shouting vindication) at the same time this presidency couldn't possibly be covered enough.
  21. Today
  22. You misunderstood what I said. Their ain’t no rich conservatives in LA.
  23. Would you trade the lions Beasley to move up 6 spots?!
  24. That doesn't fix the pass rush.
  25. Ed Oliver was misused his entire career at Houston as a NT. Falcons will use him as 3-Tech or 5-Tech and he will eat early and often. The reason EO is going to go so early is NFL teams see how poorly he was used in college. DQ knows EXACTLY how to feature him.
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