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  2. When your getting your *** kicked the only last shred of dignity is a good ole fight to make that 1-5 record look a little bit better!!lol
  3. Today is Quinn’s last day
  4. Anyone watching minn and det. Vikings qb has so much time to pass he could bbq a brisket and still get the pass off.
  5. They need to be fighting themselves
  6. in my Mr. Burns Voice: Excellent......
  7. With the best receiver in the game, a franchise QB and with a roster that has been in the SB, Falcons are officially the worst team in the NFL! Try to say that! Like 100 times.
  8. Dan Quinn is DONE!!!!! His team is outta control and he can't even control them. He's done!!!!
  9. Lol off Sanu’s hands. This is some 2017 year 1 Sark crap. Shouldve just kept Marquand and Steve.
  10. Ballgame.
  11. Now they call holding???
  12. BOUT ******* TIME! LET'S GOOOOOOO!
  13. Freeman tackles by ref!!
  14. That was a horrible play. The worst pay I've ever seen
  15. We can't even run a WR screen
  16. There's the hold after no one is open that we've seen 300 times this season.
  17. That’s what they’ve done all game anyway.
  18. Of preseason?
  19. I mean it was a generational dance...
  20. I really wonder if he has not already only to have Blank turn him down? And, now Quinn is trying his hardest to get fired and cannot?
  21. The Rams will pin their ears back and attack.
  22. Looks like Debo was held on the TD play.
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