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  2. Green Bay does too...
  3. We could jettison Trufant, Beasley, Clayborn, Freeman, and Allen - and short of Clayborn and Allen - it would probably make this team *better*.
  4. You guys are outsmarting yourselves. The Jags have been “a QB away” for a while now. They’ve got the ammo to easily move up if they think they have finally found their franchise QB. I highly doubt they are perfectly fine with rolling the dice on Rico. We have seen much crazier things happen in the past.
  5. how do you get -8 community rep? likes get you positive, what gets you negative?! LOL
  6. It didn't really hurt his development as such imo, but we definitely missed that option as an offense for many years after his retirement.
  7. Yeah, let's just all agree to completely ignore WFW. Let's make it happen.
  8. I'm glad you took care of this before I had to, Steve
  9. I remember people on here complaing about TG being so good it would hurt matts development because hed look for TG too much lol
  10. Don't the Falcons (notice I didn't say 'we') hold records for the biggest blown leads in BOTH the Super Bowl and Conference Championship games?
  11. Even at 1% I think the way this team is playing means that 1% is being REALLY generous. This team has ZERO chance at doing anything worthwhile this season other than finding new ways to fail.
  12. Just when you think you're hit rock bottom, they stab you in the heart with an ice pick.
  13. It's going to continue to be a TATF go-to response for many decades to come...
  14. Have you seen him lately?
  15. @WhenFalconsWin I know you read the link. You need to JGFO dummy.
  16. Well to be fair... if a team is 1-5, that's a pretty good indicator that the team flat out sucks. It's hard to win 8 or 9 of your remaining 10 games if your team flat out sucks.
  17. Chances to make the playoffs? Falcons? The ATLANTA Falcons? I'm surprised OPs keyboard didn't explode when he titled this thread.
  18. Angels will name Joe Maddon their next manager. Showalter was reportedly plan B.
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