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  2. Why are we waiting until almost 4th to throw to Hoop!!!!!? God I hate this coaching staff!!!!
  3. Keeping him might actually accomplish something.... after watching the way he's coach defense this season I'm surprised if any team would give him a second chance.
  4. launching to the helmet???
  5. Yet you are here so thanks! Hook line and sinker! Now go complain about another thread. Typical what you do!
  6. And I'm looking at the run by Gurley. Since when did they start allowing a play that was stopped to last?
  7. @Billy Ocean @JDaveG
  8. Blank sucks.
  9. Takk definitely has tools to work with. His best being effort and give a darn
  10. 21-1 is staring us in the face. Oh wait I'm looking at a mirror, that's 1-15
  11. This is a ridiculous topic falcons aren’t moving. there is no curse falcons have drafted poorly overall, made bad financial decisions on players and have locked down this roster that by paying all these guys says “we have what we need” falcons need a philosophy change, not a new city you cannot blame the fans for not showing up
  12. For the first time I actually agree we should trade Ryan. Solely because i hate he’s gotta put up with this dumpster fire of a team.
  13. I look at the whole unit..the unit as a whole has been solid outside of the fake.
  14. Ryans about to become a legend between the 20's
  15. I mean if we are going to be a laughing stock. Might as well get the best pick we can out of it.
  16. Doubt it, and I really hope not. Im almost positive a Quinn firing would bring about us winning more games than we need to.
  17. AB knows what he is doing. Get everyone to default on the PSL. Then just resell them to so new poor sap again.
  18. Look at it this way.. 1-15 will definitely require some major changes to be made and we need them badly!
  19. Gotta fire front office too, just firing the coach will not change anything. McKay, TD, all scouts, it ALL has to go for fans to believe change is REALLY coming.
  20. This is what happens when you don’t enforce your will running the ball. They get a lead and unleash the pass rush that was beating you anyway in a close game... Koetter’s 2nd terribly called game of the year.
  21. What will keeping DQ accomplish? Let the players know that no one is safe.
  22. After today’s blowout, I wouldn’t be against it happening today. The bye week was my original prediction and I’m not even for firing mid season but this is pathetic
  23. Ram's have been doing that alot. Offensive line holding to. They aren't gonna stop if they are allowed to get away with it. It's how you can control the game. Don't worry, we are about to start getting our meaningless make up calls to make it look better. Got to provide ammo for the excuses.
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