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  2. Fantastic Four on the way very soon? Also new Blade MCU reboot with Mahershala Ali?
  3. No coincidence that since our offense has started to stall that we are 2-4. Can't win unless we score at a historic rate.
  4. From what I understand, only select players can get these traits. Not sure if they can be created with them
  5. How was Soroka charged with 4 ER when Sanchez reached on an error?
  6. This simply isn’t true. Since 1994, the best teams are the ones that best manage and manipulate their CAP on a year-to-year basis. You saying the Bills manipulation of the CAP hasn’t had long term remificstions? Individual Leaders There are also 10 players with at least $7.5 million in dead money this year. They are in the chart below. The Bills have 4 of the top 10 Dead Money contracts. Name Dead Money Jason Pierre-Paul DE $15,000,000 Marcell Dareus DT $13,564,705 Cordy Glenn OT $9,600,000 Eric Wood C $9,591,668 Tyrann Mathieu S $9,300,000 Ndamukong Suh DT $9,100,000 Muhammad Wilkerson DL $9,000,000 Tony Romo QB $8,900,000 Dez Bryant WR $8,000,000 Tyrod Taylor QB $7,600,000 It isn't a surprise that the Bills are responsible for four of the 10 biggest amounts considering their massive dead money. Bills' occupy the second, third and fourth spots. The collective dead money of those three players (Dareus, Wood and Glenn) are more than every other team's total.
  7. We've had plenty on
  8. Need a bloop and a blast. Wishful thinking.
  9. Thanks man, I don't know what I'd do without you.
  10. Parsons for Cy Young.
  11. He’s already had 2 out of 2 . Cut them unless you’re blind then I’ll grant you a pass .
  12. Bone bruise in his elbow. He was placed there at the beginning of the week.
  13. Oh great, another pitcher that can't throw strikes
  14. Whoa when did this happen and for what?
  15. LMAO you know you are ******* trash when you get pulled so someone else can face the pitcher who is also left handed.
  16. Hes on the IL.
  17. Every time these stats come up for Atlanta TEAMS, we make them look like championship teams.
  18. So has Jacob Webb been abducted by aliens or something?
  19. Gonna have to do to the bullpen what Dan Quinn did to the offensive line this off-season. Keep a couple, nuke the rest, a grab a bunch.
  20. He AJed in his pants this outing. This folty sucks.
  21. We also need some hitters that don't wet the bed vs the Nats.
  22. They need to send him back to AAA. Or make him an add-in for Mychal Givens with Baltimore. Minter is broken. Minter and Folty are mentally broken.
  23. Nats have the worst BP, right?
  24. Minter is automatic bases loaded this year. He sucks.
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