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  2. I agree with all this. People are saying we shouldn't trade players because the cap hit next year is bad, so there is no point. This is not true. We are going to take the cap hit to signing bonuses anyway. For example, if we were to trade Julio we will take a 22.2 million dollar cap hit in 2020, but he comes off the books in '21 If we could trade him for say, two first rounders, we would have to eat his cap next year, but we have one relatively cheap 1st rounder (the second would be the following year) and then in '21 we would be in the clear. That is the best scenario in that case. Yes, we are going to have to cut some players next year and probably let some good players go (hooper), but hopefully the FO is considering this now. Next year is going to suck boys and girls, but hopefully we are competitive again in '21.
  3. None of these women have updated their wardrobes since 2012.
  4. The Falcons have 50 million to use in players 11-53 next year. That’s a concern. We are excessively top heavy. Over 65% of your CAP on your top 10 contracts has never worked a single time in the salary cap era. We are at 75%
  5. People see Julio and Matt and think we can run just any scheme we want. It all starts upfront.
  6. Quinn hasn’t manned up on anything, 1-6 W-L record forced his hand.
  7. if it was dw-nominate scores, i still maintain that it doesn’t show the kind of movement trout claims happened: recall that this time period includes the latter stages of party realignment, and even after all the southern conservatives leave the democratic party by the mid-90s, there’s barely any movement at all on the economic scale.
  8. Still wished we drafted Gurley i know what he is now but those 3 years he was balling could have been the difference between us winning a Super Bowl even when Beasley had that great year when we did make the bowl he got a lot of “cheap” sacks including 3.5 against Paxton Lynch
  9. No we will definitely get a comp pick in 2021 for him
  10. I dunno. You G up Hooper with our salary cap situation and you are further thinning the line on having to be even more perfect on every other move you make. I wouldn't do it. If I had a different team/salary cap situation, it would be an easier call because if Hoop underperformed after his contract, it wouldn't be as painful. I just wouldn't die on that salary cap **** mountain for Hooper. Many in TATF think Hooper is on the brink of being a next level kind of player - I don't. I predict this will be the best season of his career w/ probably 25% better numbers this year than for rest of his career. Beware of the career contract year signings - they don't work out at an astonishingly high rate.
  11. Gaetz doesn't care about that. He's tweeting from inside the SCIF We elect morons. We deserve this.
  12. Cuts: Devonta - 3.5m Bailey - 4m Sambrailo - 3.75m Stocker - 2.5m Schaub - 2m Senat - 1m ------- 16.75 cleared. That's more than enough for draft picks and some. Then you get into the tough decisions like Mack (8m), Allen (3m), Keanu (6m). Thats another potential 17m. If we are able to designate June 1st cuts, We could clear even more money. Also need to figure out which of the 2 we want to keep between Carpenter or Brown. Both are bad contracts and are not going to clear much right away unless we can designate as a Post June 1st.
  13. He was the mortar holding the WR corp together, steady, dependable, of the best to be here, Great news for him, best of luck! Get your ring!
  14. TD has made a few good picks but, we've seen him draft some players that were unknowns to most while skipping over prime talent!
  15. I read it and you're not.
  16. Vic Beasley has the personality of a paper clip has he ever shown passion or love for the game, Looks like Tarzann plays like Jane -I was seriously thinking who was worst him or JA 98...…… I said JA 98 by a hair, Vic did have the one break out season. this off season should be very interesting I only have 8-10 guys that I deem untradeable/locked in
  17. Was this the same AFC executive that said Kaleb McGary was socially awkward? If so, not sure I trust that info, on top of the fact that it came from DLed.
  18. I see my Congressman Buddy Carter in the lower left hand corner. Also David Perdue, one of Trump’s strongest allies in the Senate, lives around the corner from me on Sea Island.
  19. I agree. Only thing I would do is make him inactive or throw his sorry *** on the PS for the remainder of the season.
  20. Harbaugh has always preferred a nasty, physical, gap blocking, power run scheme. Never seen his passing game all that dynamic at all. What pieces do we have for that?
  21. I thought Campbell was the most productive LB the last few years...I have no clue what happened to him this year? Blame the DC, oh hez the HC too....shake your head
  22. I can smell the pumpkin spice coming off that photo.
  23. I blame dann quinn for beasley. Quinn knew he was soft and lazy the past 2 yrs. But tried to make chicken salad out of chicken ****. Any intelligent person who dont know football. Just by watching him. Should know he is a lost cause. Now both of them will be shown the door. Smh
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