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  2. After seeing Kurt Warner leave Ryan off his list, I decided to take a peek at what the projections for 2019 look like. Since 2016 Ryan is arguably #1 or #2, but here is USA Today’s take. Surprised Wentz was left off. LOL at Brady behind Brees. And I’d pump the brakes a tad on Mahomes before anointing him the best in the business. Prisoner of the moment, much? Ranking the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL for 2019 By Lucas Ewing and Tim Weaver | February 8, 2019 8:00 am ET Share on FacebookTweetShare on WhatsappShare by Email The top of the list of the best quarterbacks in the NFL has remained relatively unchanged over the last several years. You could argue whether the No. 1 spot should go to Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, but the top five didn’t see much movement in general. All that changed in the 2018 season, when a fearless young signal caller with a veritable missile launcher for an arm shook up the QB picture and perhaps the entire league forever. Here’s our rankings of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league heading into 2019, beginning with a few honorable mentions who just missed the cut. Honorable mentions (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Carson Wentz: Nick Foles may be the fan favorite with the clutch genes, but don’t forget that the last time Wentz was fully healthy he was an MVP candidate. He threw touchdowns on 7.5 percent of his passes during the 2017 season, which was the highest mark in the league. Assuming his knee heals, Wentz should be back in the top 10 soon enough. Alex Smith: Here’s another solid quarterback whose season was cut short. Smith had his best season by far in 2017, posting career highs in passer rating and adjusted yards gained per pass attempt and throwing interceptions on only one percent of his throws. Hopefully Smith will be able to play again after suffering a gruesome leg injury. Deshaun Watson: Considering the pass protection he got, it’s almost a miracle that Watson escaped the 2018 season unscathed. Despite getting sacked a league-high 62 times, Watson managed to post 26 touchdowns and a 103.1 passer rating. If the Texans can give Watson the support he needs, he’ll have every opportunity to be an elite QB some day. Baker Mayfield: Turns out that No. 1 overall draft pick by Cleveland was very well spent. Once Mayfield got his shot, he and the Browns never looked back. With another full season of playing at this level, Mayfield could crack the top 10. 10. Cam Newton (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) At this point, nobody knows how Cam Newton’s throwing shoulder is going to respond to his recent surgery. We do know that when he’s healthy Newton is unquestionably one of the NFL’s top 10 QBs. Before he began to decline in the middle of the season, Newton was matching many of his numbers from 2015 when he won the MVP award. He remains the league’s most dangerous dual threat quarterback and finally has some promising young wide receivers to work with. If the Panthers can just fix their long-standing issues at left tackle, Newton can definitely carry them back to the playoffs. 9. Ben Roethlisberger (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) In some ways, Roethsliberger was better than he’s ever been in 2018. He posted career highs in pass attempts (675), completions (452) and yards (5,129). However, 2008 was a long time ago and considering the talent he has around him, Big Ben is overdue to make it back to the Super Bowl. He’s had an excellent offensive line, arguably the league’s best running back and its best wide receiver for several years and yet the Steelers can’t seem to crack the AFC playoff picture. Part of the problem is picks – Roethlisberger’s touchdown to interception ratio has never been pretty compared to other elite QBs and it’s not getting better with time. 8. Andrew Luck (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) For a while there it seemed like Luck might never be the same quarterback again after getting beaten up behind a bad Colts offensive line for several years. Sitting out the 2017 campaign turned out to be the right move for the organization. Luck returned with a vengeance in 2018 and recaptured the form that made him one of football’s most dynamic passers. He rightfully won the Comeback Player of the Year award after throwing 39 touchdown passes. As long as Indy continues to keep him clean (he was only sacked 18 times) Luck will be a fixture on this list. 7. Philip Rivers (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) Dan Marino is generally considered to be the greatest QB to never win a Super Bowl ring. While Rivers can’t compare to Marino, he definitely takes that title for this generation of passers. The Chargers have finally given him a solid supporting cast though, and Rivers put it to good use. Rivers was sacked 32 times but he still was able to complete 68.3 percent of his passes – the second best accuracy percentage of his career – and produce 4,308 passing yards. He threw touchdowns on 6.3 percent of his throws, which was the fifth-highest mark in the NFL. 6. Russell Wilson (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) The Seahawks may have changed their offensive coordinator but they were still a stubborn run-run-pass kind of team, which is a shame. Nevertheless, Wilson had arguably his best year yet in the NFL. Wilson threw a career high 35 touchdown passes to go with just seven interceptions. His 110.9 passer rating was also a career best. He has posted a winning record every season since he was drafted. If Seattle’s conservative coaching staff ever learns to let Wilson off the leash, the rest of the league won’t stand a chance. 5. Matt Ryan (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) Matt Ryan was perhaps one of the quietest success stories in 2018, being a shining beacon on an otherwise under-performing Falcons team that failed to live up to expectations. The team finished just 7-9 a year after going 10-6. Ryan passed for 4,924 yards on his way to a 35:7 touchdown to interception ratio. His 108.1 passer rating ranked fourth in the league and his 308 yards per game ranked third. The Falcons may have failed to make the playoffs, but it certainly wasn’t on Ryan. 4. Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) A year after missing nine games with a shoulder injury, Rodgers tore up the league’s secondaries on the way to an immaculate 25:2 touchdown/interception ratio. But that didn’t stop Green Bay from having an even worse record than the season prior. The Packers struggled mightily in other facets of the game. The team’s record of 6-9-1 was the worst since the 2008 season, despite another phenomenal year from No. 12. After the ousting of long-time coach Mike McCarthy, the Packers will be led by Matt LaFleur in 2019, as the team attempts to capitalize on the waning stage of Rodgers’ Hall of Fame career. 3. Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) Even though Tom Brady might finally be starting to show signs of decline, he is still a relentless championship competitor, now crowned six-times over. Statistically, Brady took a dip in nearly every category in 2019, but that didn’t stop him from being one of the best in the league. His near-flawless game management, paired with one of the greatest coaches of all time will always make him a presence to be feared. Father time is undefeated, but Brady continues to put up a **** of a fight. 2. Drew Brees (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) Drew Brees might have won the two-man MVP race if he had been able to sustain his hot start in the first half of the season. However, Brees tapered off as the New Orleans offense came back down to Earth. His 29:2 touchdown to interception ratio in Week 12 had him in serious contention for the MVP and his NFL-high completion rate of 74.4 percent and passer rating of 115.7 were both career bests. Brees looks like he can continue playing the position at a high level until he’s 50 years old. 1. Patrick Mahomes (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images) Patrick Mahomes threw for an absurd 50 touchdowns and over 5,000 yards in his first season as a starter, putting him in territory that only Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have been before. His quarterback rating of 113.8 placed second in the league as he effortlessly drove KC’s offense with no-look passes and long balls most QBs wouldn’t even dare to think about throwing. Mahomes and the Chiefs may have fallen short against the Patriots this time, but his unmatched arm talent is guaranteed to give them more chances.
  3. Me and you both bro. LMAO at him being a bust. He's been pretty productive in the NFL. Here is his 2018 PFF overall LB ranking compared to our backers: Debo - 14th Lee - 24th Foye - 45th Campbell - 67th Dook -88th Buddy is slightly bigger and faster than Debo. He can cover and blitz. Has some flaws in the run game but he aint no bust. He'd immediately be our second best backer. Easily better than any Dimi sixth rounder. If Thomas had traded a 6th for Darron Lee TATF would be singing his praises in four 10,000 post threads right now. Trust me.
  4. I don't pull for my team safely. I go into my fandom every season with realistic reckless abandon. And realisticly, I see a top 10 O, top 7 D and a top 3 squad for 2019. I see black and red confetti in February!
  5. I like Targ Tyrion as being one of those theories that's never answered. There's alot there to be sure, but there's really no point in it to any revelation of the story or his arc which is strictly Lannister (he'd be a ******* anyway and not just in that all dwarfs are ******** in thier father's eyes kinda way). And on the heels of Jon being a Targ it would feel gratuitous and cheap. It works better as one of those things that's left for the reader to contemplate like my theory that Bran's happy rule ending has a very dark (author intended) subtext.
  6. Is this 330+ a “need” to make a DL good or great or a “want” from you both ?
  7. Some of the Reddit forums seem pretty good. I'm just here for the arguing.
  8. Betting on yourself isn't as naive as some make it out to be. Some may have it, but I don't seem to be bothered by it. He has to go out and prove it, which will be interesting to watch to see how it goes. What Odell Becham said was way more stupid because he just came from a burning hellfire in the Giants, which wasn't close to winning anything during his time there and Beckham was one of their biggest headaches.
  9. We're projected to be over ninety all week and 97 and 98 by the weekend where I'm at. That's insane for May.
  10. It feels like Florida here in Dallas. Almost 90° and humid af. It will get up to 100° soon and be just as humid. Probably not taking any vacation this summer anyway so I’m ready for fall already.
  11. Not worried about JJ, in fact I'd prefer he skip all of OTAS and come ready to rock in training camp.
  12. Beasley isn’t in those calculations. Win (15 sacks), lose (5 sacks) or draw (8 sacks), he isn’t a member of the team next year.
  13. Oh definitely. I've assumed we largely moved on for a while now. Comments finally trickling in that confirm. Agreed with Porter that he's getting bad advice. But ultimately not a big deal for us. If he sticks at DT would have him lower on the board than both Carter and Cowan. And if we've gotta lose him, glad for it to be UK over Tennessee. Brandon Adams made a good point on his podcast the other day. If a kid is this fickle about position, what's to say he's not fickle about playing time/challenges later... The portal is a real threat to consider in valuation now.
  14. If VB flakes, that’s one guy that won’t cost you a lot to retain or your let either him or McCoy walk even if you could fit GM in 2019...which the point is it’s entirely possible at NO SACRIFICE for 2019 on a 1 year type contract. 2-3 year deal would start getting tricky. Point is we have many FAs coming up along the DL. I suspect short term cap hits for JJ and GJ could be made to account for DeBo, Neal 5th year, and Hooper deals.
  15. So is it just me or is it getting hot really ******* early this year?
  16. No player in a nba draft is a sure thing. For every Leonard that becomes a superstar, a top 3 pick becomes a bust. That's why I lean toward trading picks for Aaron.
  17. What's going on with this board? Falcon app already shows a video of Sanu Roasting Oliver.
  18. Yeah makes no sense, I'll take Gerald over 4 Danny Sheltons on a 1m contract.
  19. Big if true.
  20. TD will earn his keep the next 12 months. He has to address 5 major contracts - 2 fringe 20 million a year contracts - 1 contract in the 15-18 million a year avg - 1 contract in the 10 million a year average - 1 contract in the 8 million a year average I suspect we let one of them walk
  21. This forum is like the news to me. Things will get posted here by someone as soon as they happen. If I waited for it to appear on or even I would have much less of an idea as to what is happening.
  22. I have zero clue about how the salary cap works. Though I believe if the Falcons really wanted McCoy, they'd find a way to get him. Or at least try really hard.
  23. Our D wasn't great lat year but I remember watching games where we would get to 3rd and long and just needed one more play. In the games against the Saints, Bengals and Cowboys we lost by one score. If we had Jones out there and he made one big play in each of those games, our D would have looked much better (and we would have won 3 more games). He will make a huge difference this year.
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