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  2. Can you imagine if the referees treated the Falcons the same way they treat the Patriots?!? Julio would get treated better on pass interference calls, we wouldn't get all the penalties called on us like we do. We wouldn't have gotten cheated in the Cardinals game even after the review etc.
  3. Yeah he says if he on his **** it would have been scary..well we can say they same if the offense was full turbo we light him up matt dont care who on julio..hes getting fed.
  4. Did you even watch the game? Julio had him twisting/turning in circles. Matt just couldn’t get the ball to him.
  5. No. Your best shot is a good offensive scheme if the OL is at all tenable, because you should be able to have a top 5-10 offense (like they've been nearly every year) with just an OK O -line and a good scheme. And then you'll have to build the defense again (though that's what was supposed to be happening the last 5 years) and hope they can be a top 15 or 20 unit immediately with better scheme, a DE and a corner.
  6. Yeah but there's a big difference between the two players contract. And as though many of us aren't fans of him he is the ok only backup they have who can play center so it's not the worst contract for his final year
  7. Beasley is still on his rookie deal, doesn't mean he should be making 13M. If a player's worth is more than their production, might be time to let them go.
  8. Patriots DBs holding every play.
  9. I don't know if I agree with the premise that our roster can't be better utilized with better coaching tbh. Prior to this season unfolding I didn't hear much disagreement that the roster was loaded with talent. Now that we're 1-6 we're in a rebuild and have multiple holes? It may be true but just seems a bit backwards from just 3 months ago.
  10. Just call them the "Fillennials"
  11. The second half of the cards game he and the offense caught fire. Julio can still flash as the best wr in the game. He was working the routes and looked like he had several steps on Ramsay on a fouokFriday passed.
  12. Schweizer is on a rookie deal which is why he makes his 2m or so nothing you can do on that thata the rookie scaling system
  13. it's nothing, just an excuse to get him out of there in one piece, just like I stated in my post pre game I hoped he didn't get severely hurt out there for no reason. This season is lost, and more than likely the next 4. We'll be lucky if we see a home playoff game while Ryan is still on the the team.
  14. Maybe if we didn't field 2 1st rounds busts this defense would be half *** decent. CUT them, **** looking for trades. Send a message and try someone who wants it out there
  15. **** Ramsey
  16. I'm a fan of TD, but when you learn that scrubs like Bosher and Schwietzer combined to make 5M this year you really have to question the money he's handing out.
  17. It's like that girl you didn't think was that hot, and ignored, then as soon as you found out she though you were a skank you never stopped chasiing her. And she ran way faster than you. You can piss your life away shelling out $8K a year for a $2 hotdog to watch some ugly girls getting creamed for the next 5 seaons or you can take that money and take a trip somewhere the chicks aren't so ugly, you might pay a little more for the hotdog though.
  18. Did we finally off Gibbs?
  19. Patriots steamrolling an AFC East opponent. Nothing new here. That defense is no joke though.
  20. F it. Give me Josh McDaniels if he wants to leave NE
  21. A preview of another major let down like the other two movies
  22. I really like what Davison and Bailey are doing. Our run defense is much improved compared to last year. Or at least I feel like It is
  23. Imagine if the Falcons had any players that could cause turnovers. We need a complete re-haul of the secondary.
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