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  2. You can call it what you want. Homophobia and transphobic isnt even a thing. It's made up jargon to produce victims of things because they have a label and now anyone who disagrees with anyone in that label is now _______-phobic. No one cares. The irony is you keep taking about conservatives as victims when you are the party of imaginary victimization. See phobics where they dont exists hiding in the shadows of your wee little mind.
  3. Worzone certainly relished his victimhood like this, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, that's any evangelical that posts with skeptics.
  4. It's the CBA with the player's union that makes them technically voluntary, not the NFL. NFL teams would love to make them mandatory and they treat it that way unofficially. If a developmental or depth guy decided to the skip OTAs without the coaching staff's blessing, they'd have an uphill battle making the team.
  5. Matt isn't wearing base and eye-liner like Brady does.
  6. Labeling, demeaning, and mocking . Man i cant tell the difference in you and psychic right now. Just say phobic from now on. Its easier than trying to keep up with all the lefts made up nonsense
  7. So he presents his understanding of what abortion is and the alternatives he supports and believes to be moral and right and then gives her the opportunity to change his mind. This isnt productive? So what would have made this productive? Conversations about an issue and defining where each person stands and making logical arguments to attempt to persuade another is the single most effective way to have real conversations. What would you define as more productive? Make a law and arrest anyone who disagrees or speaks out against it?
  8. Same here. After they put you through a solid year of sleep deprivation torture, tyey just constantly remind you of how much energy you USED to have.
  9. Ledbetter sounds like hes been chemically castrated. I cant stand his voice. Its like listening to a super drunk chick.
  10. Gage will surprise if given the opportunity.
  11. We’re lucky to have Julio, Vic is lucky to have us. Periodt
  12. Mmmmm......
  13. I hope it's in God's plan for Falcons fans to enjoy a super bowl victory by the Atlanta Falcons in February of 2020.
  14. Quoting a dictionary definition without noting the context is almost always the wrong thing to do. Regardless, "voluntary" does not mean "can skip without repercussions". Real life is full of things that are technically "voluntary", but will adversely affect your life if don't do them.
  15. Ay that's my home town.
  16. If we're talking starting RBs then I agree with the ranking but if it's the entire depth at the position like the title suggests then I don't see how we're not #2. Carolina has nothing behind McCaffrey
  17. So we're already there June 1 isn't the day and hasn't been for years
  18. I’m front loading so we have more flexibility going foward. We all know how ugly the extension market can get if I can give myself some breathing space now that’s how I’d attack it. Defensively while McCoy would be a sexy option I want to see what the defense looks like with DQs finger prints well and truely imprinted on it.
  19. I guess it boils to the one overriding aspect ~ it's voluntary. If it really meant anything, NFL teams would make them mandatory. No exceptions to the rule. The fact they aren't means they just aren't that important, even though they can certainly be helpful if players are of a mind to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate, like Matt Ryan and Ridley, Sanu, Freeman, et al, etc., etc. In view of the above fact and resulting conclusion, I'm laying down my sword in the OTA attendance battle and will never pick it up again. To the rest of you still in the fray, god speed.
  20. Ugh. Talking about that london game
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  22. I vote the latter, be advised I don't know **** about football operations.
  23. I follow a few Browns fans on twitter and saw a lot of conversations with other Browns fans about Grady. Even photoshopped Grady into a Browns uni. Im gonna guess that if they don’t sign him to an extension by the deadline, he won’t be a Falcon next season unless they tag him again which personally I’m not a fan of but if that’s what they choose then I’ll support it. The only other way I see him being a falcon is if his play falls off just a little bit and those contract demands are forced to be lowered
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