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  2. This is some dumb*** she-it here. The fact you even half believe this...ah forget about it, you cannot help some people.
  3. This one really, really hurts.
  4. Ew he just did this really nasty tongue move. ewwwwww, he's licking his lips.
  5. He is a product of Fox News.
  6. Gotta live Tulsi going Democrat rogue. About time someone from the same party gave Hillary her what for.
  7. I don't mind arguing the 2nd or 3rd - that's totally acceptable - I would rather have the 2nd and have said this multiple times after the original opening post. Again, Falcons made their beds on who the core players would be - Deion Jones was the last player to get through the door. Matt, Julio, Jake, Grady and Debo - those are the 5 that got paid - we have some guys with one foot out the door that are getting paid - Freeman, Trufant & Mack- but even if they are doesn't help us that much. Freeman will most definitely be gone. Mack will probably have to stay due to how putrid the rest of the Offensive Line is. I believe Falcons would like to deal Trufant if they could but looking at his cap figures - it would cost us money against the cap to trade or cut him in 2019 - looks like after the new league year starts he could be cut/traded. Falcons only have 39 players under contract for next season right now - roughly 73% of what you need for a full roster. Right now, per Sportstrac, the Falcons are $4mm over the cap with their 39 players. So before you start talking about cutting players to pay Hoop - please note that when you cut other players you have LESS than 39 players on the roster - and you need 53 under contract for a full roster in 2020. Projected Vet Minimum salary for players w/ 3yrs or less is $735,000. $735,000 x 14 = $10,290,000 Granted, some of those spots will be taken by drafted rookies and UDCFA's which could be less but the point is still the same. Falcons are in a whole of approximately $10-15mm going into 2020 and short over 25% of a roster.
  8. Trump's really hard to watch. His mouth, teeth, tongue, and lips are, like, assaulting my eyes. That plus his voice... it's... disturbing.
  9. We kinda saw this 2016 when Clay, Freeney, Reed were here. Especially Freeney. Guys who can do the small things that lead to plays being made by others. BB even went out and picked up Clay himself, but clay isn't the athlete he used to be. I wanted Winovich in the draft too. Would've been nice to have gotten one of the Smith boys, but they both went to green bay. I thought adding Bailey and Davison would give us more of an edge here, and it has somewhat in the run game. I think I want to see more of Bailey on pass rush downs opposite Takk and less of Vic(while he's here). Maybe some twist action with Grady & Takk. Kazee says he prefers playing Nickel, but maybe throwing him in at FS and sliding Rico down to SS would give us some better results. Allow Miller to get on the field more. If anything I say we need a better mixture of athletic freaks and IQ/instinctive guys together on the field.
  10. he definitely is.
  11. If I had my own board I would format it so that Sn4tters couldn’t use italics.
  12. Sounds like Knocked Loose. I got into the pit the other day and I still feel like I have bruised ribs..pains all over....even cuts. Too old for that ish!
  13. There is no 2020 race, well technically speaking, people who think so believe in unicorns who can shoot rainbows out their *****.
  14. We can’t assume that the next head coach won’t do what every other sensible organization does and promote from within. What Quinn has done with the OC position and the offense since Kyle left has been all kinds of levels of dumb.
  15. Trump says he is lifting sanctions that were placed on Turkey. Cool.
  16. No one wants to pay him $6-7m for the rest of the season. It was beyond dumb to bring him back for $12.8m to begin with. Goodbye Quinn and TD for this though I feel Quinn is primarily responsible.
  17. I wouldnt even say hes an in it for the money types..if that were the case I think he would have been learning alot more to get that check..either he dont love the game or something else is just not registering..its a shame either way.we get ****** again..I dont remember a team having such a hard time finding a pass rusher.
  18. Yup. Those wanting to cut him now are thinking with their emotions and not taking into account dead cap money. It would be foolish to cut him now. We made our bed, we need to lie in it now.
  19. I never yelled at you, in fact, I support your efforts, but not for the same reasons you wish.
  20. That shouldn’t be a knock against him. The talent still has to be coached up. Guys like Jimmie Ward weren’t exactly lighting the league up and an Arik Armstead for example was straight up viewed as a bust before the new staff got there.
  21. Actually I have. I have seen many of the so called elite "lock down corners" get absolutely toasted.
  22. Incorrect on both points. I'm simply stating the factual record as a segue into my comment on the 2020 race. If you felt personally attacked, please accept my apology.
  23. This is one thing i've noticed. Idk if he got his money and now he's coooool, or if he still has lingering foot issues. As for Kazee, i feel like he got is 7 INTs last year and thinks he should be starting (and maybe he should)
  24. Ryan on pace to get hit 130 times. The route concepts are long but I can’t give the OL a pass
  25. Unfortunately this wouldn’t be the first time with TD
  26. We'll see in the AFC Championship
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